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If you are a travel professional, agent or industry insider, there are a number of travel organizations that keep members abreast of the latest news, technology, events and rules and regulations.

There are also several travel organizations that specialize in promoting travel for youth, handicapped, elderly and business travelers. Many organizations for non-industry professionals offer regular newsletters featuring tips, information on destinations and member discounts on travel and accommodations.

A more recent breed of travel organizations focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. These organizations encourage like-minded travelers to take steps that reduce their carbon footprint as they travel and help members purchase carbon credits to offset their environmental impact.

Some organizations also encourage or provide educational services like exchange-student opportunities, working-abroad or volunteering overseas and can help take the stress out of planning for your stay. They specialize in networking, providing contacts and information and some even offer emergency or insurance services when you're in need.

Members of travel organizations typically receive incentives, advanced purchase or notification of sales, newsletters and forums that encourage idea-sharing. Though you don't have to be a member of an organization to travel on a budget, if you find one that fits with your travel philosophy it certainly doesn't hurt to join.

Some of these travel organizations aim to facilitate the transport and accommodation for the young and the disabled when they go on a holiday, while other organizations deal with tourism policies and the issues that occur and cause the clients to be unsatisfied with an agency`s services. It is important for travel organizations to be informed about any issues in order to prevent them from appearing in the future and keep the standards high. It is also important for those travel agency owners to be part of travel organizations in order to be kept updates with the latest laws or modifications in the policies or trends, along with the news from the World Tourism Organization.

The travel organizations also aim for the expansion and development of the tourism branch all over the world, especially in those countries with a great touristic potential which is not properly used. This is an economical branch that generates hundreds of billions of euros every year, and it keeps on growing.

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In recent years, large national travel organizations have branched out into other markets including auto insurance, mapping services, smart phone data applications and additional international offices offering free amenities and local tidbits.

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