The Armstrong Company is a versatile business that specializes in moving, storage, and logistics. They offer a broad spectrum of services, including residential moving capabilities such as local moving, long-distance moving, employee relocation, and international moving. For businesses, they offer moving services tailored to various sectors such as education, government, healthcare, hospitality, and industrial spaces.

Their offerings extend to cover specialized areas of commercial moving, including office moving, facility moving, and complex procedures like furniture, fixtures, and equipment moving. There's also the niche domain of technology disconnect and reconnect support, and space decommissioning services, all of which are catered to by the company.

Moreover, The Armstrong Company positions itself as a comprehensive provider of supply chain solutions. This encompasses a range of services such as asset management, distribution and fulfillment, and first and final mile logistics services. For customers seeking a full-service provider who can handle both their moving and logistics needs, the Armstrong Company delivers on all fronts.

The company emphasizes the quality of its offerings, ensuring a high standard of service. Their commitment to quality is reflected in their listed affiliations and partnerships, and they put forth a strong emphasis on sustainability and safety. Customer testimonials add to their credibility, showcasing satisfaction from previous clients.

Potential clients are welcomed to get a quote over the phone, with Armstrong providing the necessary resources like virtual surveys to provide an accurate assessment. Information about what to expect both before and after the move is provided, ensuring that clients are thoroughly prepared.

To summarize, The Armstrong Company offers varied, tailored moving solutions to both residential and commercial clients. Their broad service offering, coupled with a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and safety, make them a reliable choice for individuals or businesses seeking moving or logistical support.