Trott Rentals is a van rental company that operates in Norwich. It hires vehicles to private individuals and corporate bodies. The rental periods vary from one-day to long-term periods. Trott Rentals has more than 50 years of experience in this business making it a premier van rental company in Norfolk County.

One of its principal forms of communication with its current and potential clients is its website. The first thing that you notice as soon as you visit the company's site is its colors. More specifically, it has a blue, red, and white theme. The colors are subtle and consistent with the logo of the company. Consequently, the website appears authentic to online visitors. Here is a review of the company's site.

The Layout of the Website

The arrangement of the items that appear on the site is commendable. For example, every icon and image has enough space on the website. Moreover, there are not background images behind written content on the site. This kind of layout is ideal for a business website because online visitors can focus on one item at a time. It is especially critical for a van hire company because potential clients take their time to view specific vehicles or pieces of information to see if it is in line with their objectives.

The Loading Speed of the Page

A quick test of its loading speed reveals that its Google Page Speed Performance Grade is 93. In other words, it scores an A on this aspect of website design. In fact, it loads 85% faster than other sites tested on this platform. More specifically, the home page had a loading speed of 1.21 seconds. That means online visitors will enjoy browsing on Trott Rental's website as compared to others including those owned by its competitors.

The Contact Information on the Site

The first item that appears on the site, i.e., at the top of the home page, is the company's contact information. Here, online visitors will find an email address and a telephone number. Additionally, an icon that opens a pop-up inquiry form lies next to these contacts.

Furthermore, a 'Contact Us' icon is easily visible below this contact information. It directs online visitors to a 'Contact Us' page that has all the information a customer would need including the company's physical address and a map of its location. This page has social media buttons as well that direct people to the firm's accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

This emphasis on making easy for potential clients to contact the company leaves a good impression on online visitors. It makes them feel as though the company is keen on communicating with its customers.

Another commendable aspect of web design that is present on Trott Rental's website is the creative use of images. These images are of high quality. They only appear where they are necessary. Moreover, they complement the color theme of the site. It is also worth noting that there are no broken links on the website. In conclusion, the web developers did an excellent job because it has the hallmarks of a professional business site.

Business address

Trott Rentals
21 Hurricane Way,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0800 328 3887