A fun a quirky website which offers users the ability to purchase train tickets for fares within the UK. While its design might seem a bit off at first, if you spend a few moments on the site, you’ll notice that everything is in place and the entire interface offers you an interesting way to find, book and purchase your train tickets.

The process is pretty basic, as you would find on any serious website: simply enter your departure location and your destination. You’ll then have to decide on a type of ticket: one way, open return or return and set the according dates for departure and return, if applicable. Then you’ll have to select the number of adults and children if present and a railcard type if you own one. When done, simply click “Buy tickets” to go forward.

From here, you’ll have to choose your exact fare and time when you want to leave and return, if you’re looking for a return ticket as well. A total price will be displayed and then you can proceed to checkout. The nice thing about this is that once you book a certain ticket for a certain price, the price itself is locked by the website, so you won’t have to worry about having to end up paying more than you’ve bargained for and initially established as being the total price.

There are some benefits of using this website as opposed to other alternatives. For starters, there are no booking fees for your tickets. Second of all, as shown above, you’ll get to freeze the ticket price at the moment of booking. It’s up to you to reserve a seat from the get-go or not. All in all, the website offers a worthwhile experience in finding, booking and buying your UK train tickets online.

Business address

First TransPennine Express
60 Whitworth St,
Greater Manchester
M1 6LT
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0845 600 1671