TransPennine Express Trains is a train service provider that offers online ticket booking for travel across diverse routes. Their online booking system is straightforward, enabling customers to purchase tickets conveniently. They also propose options for group travels and give an unlimited travel offer through their Rover train tickets. Another feature is the TPExpress app, enhancing the ease of securing a ticket.

TransPennine Express Trains also provides support for those searching for cheaper train tickets. They provide a guide on how to nab these money-saving options and also alert customers when such tickets are available. Furthermore, they offer various ticket categories based on customer requirements, including season tickets and flexi season tickets. The company also recognizes services such as railcards, offering options for varying age groups, disabled persons, seniors, and even pairs traveling together.

The service has a system in place to ensure their customers stay updated about their journeys. They notify users about industrial actions, live departures, and arrivals, engineering work scheduled, and any service alterations. They recently underwent a route upgrade, indicative of their penchant for improvements and better service delivery.

TransPennine Express Trains operates multiple train routes, including Scarborough to York and Manchester Piccadilly to Edinburgh amongst others. They also offer virtual station tours for clients looking to familiarize themselves with their stations and have car parks available at these stations.

Their trains come in various models, such as the Nova 1, Nova 2, and Nova 3, all equipped with seating plans for passenger comfort. The onboard facilities include seating plans, food, and drinks. They also provide guidelines on what you can bring on board and provide support for people traveling with bikes, groups, for business, or with disability factors.

TransPennine Express Trains also offer the ability to check seat availability via the How busy is your train? feature. The TPExpress App serves to make all these features readily accessible for customers.

In addition to offering train travel services, TransPennine Express Trains also sells attraction tickets and provides a list of travel destinations like Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester. This feature fits travelers looking to explore the North and Scotland.

Business address

First TransPennine Express
60 Whitworth St,
Greater Manchester
M1 6LT
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0845 600 1671