Mecum Auto Transport is a comprehensive service in the collector car transport sector. It offers a wide array of services related to the collector car auction environment and stands as an integral part of Mecum Auctions. Within its array of offerings, services such as estate services, automotive photography, and auction detailing are notable.

The company facilitates the process of buying and selling collector cars with features like online registration and bidding. Potential buyers or sellers are offered easy navigation through multiple sections like Auction Schedule, Buy Tickets, and Register to Bid. They also provide detailed instructions on how to buy or sell, increasing user convenience.

Particularly worth mentioning is Mecum Auto Transport's emphasis on Road Art. They present a variety of road art lots, adding an interesting and unique dimension to their services. The media section is another highlight, with articles, press room, and videos to keep the audience engaged and informed.

The company also marks its societal responsibility and charitable endeavors by sponsoring initiatives like Curing Kids Cancer. The Mecum shop provides merchandise empowering their patrons to visibly support and associate with the brand by providing a range of men's, women's and kid's apparel and accessories.

To cater to potential questions, a detailed FAQs section is available on the platform. Overall, Mecum Auto Transport's well-organized and fully-featured website makes the process of collector car buying and selling streamlined and engaging. In conclusion, Mecum Auto Transport is a comprehensive platform serving the collector car auction community with a variety of services and features.

Business address

Mecum Auto Transport
445 S Main Street,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (262) 275-6888
Fax: (262) 275-3424