The UK is a vast place and people are known to be creatures of adventure. And if it isn't an adventure, we will always find a reason to move from place to place. And the relocation will often involve large distances. Perhaps you just want to go out, visit a friend, or you are just coming back into the country from abroad. Whatever your reason, it is valid, and as such, you will appreciate a good transport service to make the journey a pleasant one. Stripes Express is a taxi company that will give you just that. They have created a beautiful website just for you. Let me show you what to expect when you go there to book a taxi for your next travel.

The User Interface

This is one of the few websites that I have come across that essentially has one web page, but it covers everything you need as one of their clients. It is a beautiful and colourful page. The company calls itself Stripes Express and the stripes contain various colors. The developers of the company's website saw to it that these colors are also incorporated on the website. You may not necessarily notice them at first but the moment you hover over the various links to different places on the page, you'll notice that each link will display a different color. Moreover, you'll also notice that the different sections of the page are distinguished with different colors.

Unlike other websites whose navigation links target different pages on the website, Stripes Express' links target different sections of the same web page. This behaviour is normally used with the ‘back to top' button you'll normally find in websites with really long pages, but I appreciate the way the developers of the site used it to just target different sections of the one web page.

At the top of the web page, you'll find contact information and navigation. It is customary for most websites to have their navigation at the top of the web page, so that's not really big news. Following are various sections of the website like the services they offer, what those services entail, airport transfers, and more contact information. At the bottom of the page is a simple form for booking your taxi, followed by a conventional footer. And that's all there is to it with the one web page you'll find on this simple but aesthetically pleasing website.

Device Responsiveness

Responsiveness is a key feature of websites today. Web developers have come to understand that recently people access websites using various devices; most of them being mobile devices. Therefore, it's pointless only making websites meant for desktop computers when over three-quarters of the devices being used to access the internet are mobile devices. With this in consideration, web technologies have been advanced and enhanced such that websites can be created to change form and shape depending on the device being used to view them. A good example of such a website is Stripes Express.

If you view the website using a desktop computer with the browser window maximized, you'll notice that the contents of the page will be well spaced out and there is even some more contact information at the top of the page as indicated earlier. But when you minimize and resize the page to, say, the size of a tablet or even to a smaller size like that of a smartphone, you'll notice that the navigation at the top part of the page will move to the utmost top position and change into three buttons; on the left a phone icon, in the middle a taxi/ car icon, and the last one to the right a sandwich button that expands to reveal the options in the original main navigation.

Also, you'll notice that the other contents of the page will be more compact and displayed in either two columns if the window is the size of a tablet, or one column if it is the size of a smartphone. These behaviours are the same ones you'll witness if you happen to be viewing the website on a tablet or smartphone. That's the beauty of responsiveness. It helps maintain a beautiful page layout on a website regardless of the device being used to access it.


Stripes Express offers exceptional taxi services to cater for your needs as long as you are within the UK. They will take you wherever you want to go, even if your only companion is your dog or alternative pet. They are even willing to pick your luggage for you provided you call them in advance. And you'll always find them waiting for you at the airport whenever you have booked a taxi with them.

They have created this amazingly simple website where they have displayed all their services and other details to make it easier for you to reach them wherever you are within the UK. I have nothing negative to say about the website; they have covered all their tracks well. The only thing that's left is for you to visit their amazing website, look at what they offer, see what you like, and book a taxi to or from your next adventure.

Business address

Stripes Express
Hickling Road,
NR12 0BE
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +4401692434007