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A land primarily settled by Portugal and Spain, South America abounds with European delights and natural wonders. Countless local dialects exist within its borders, though Spanish and Portuguese are the official languages of many of the countries.

The climate ranges from tropical near the Equator to frigid in stretches near Antarctica. The economy is strong in a few of the major cities with wealthy areas experiencing tremendous luxuries while other areas are shockingly impoverished and poor. The disparity between the classes continues to grow, making it difficult for a middle class to emerge.

If you love nature, then South America is a treasure to behold. It has the world's longest mountain range (the Andes), the world's tallest waterfall (in Venezuela), the largest rain forest (the Amazon) and the world's driest place on earth (Chile's Atacama Desert).

The largest country in South America is dominating Brazil. With the wild beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the raw, indigenous Amazon rain forest, Brazil can be a dangerous, exciting and memorable place. The major urban areas can be pricey, but the rest of the country is fairly affordable and has much to offer. Search your favorite web directory for more information on Brazil and popular travel destinations.

South America is the third part of the continent, besides North and Central America. This is a great region to be seen especially in summer, but if you`re in here no holiday is complete without a visit in Brazil at the major coffee plantations, Brazil being known as one of the most important coffee suppliers all around the world. In addition to this, in North America you can also see the longest mountain chain (The Andes) as well as prehistorical caves with lots of ancestral drawings that are thousands of years old and still intact, which are a delight for those fond of history.

The architectural wonders are also something to be seen in South America and among some of the most visited tourist attraction points we have the well-known ancient ruins of Machu Pichu, as well as the Rio Carnival that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, being one of the most important yearly carnivals to take place in South America. This region is a great one for tourists, it is very rich when talking about culture and also very diversified when talking about food and customs. Those who visit it will definitely have something to remember.

To sum up, whether you`re looking for a tourist guide to make a plan about the attraction points you are going to visit while you`re in South America or you want to get more familiar with their habits, web directories can give you all the information that you need in a couple of minutes by listing useful links with highly relevant information.

Another hugely popular South American destination is the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. Countless travelers flock to see the eerie and mystical ruins. Originally built in the early 1400's, Machu Picchu is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a booming tourist economy has sprung up to support the international interest.

Regardless of whether you go to see Chile's long and narrow countryside or to dance the night away with the lively Brazilians or even if you want to seek adventure in the rain forests, South America is full of surprises and treasures just waiting to be discovered.


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