KAYAK is a comprehensive travel platform that serves customers from various locations globally. The platform's main website automatically redirects visitors to the site version that matches their location, but this feature allows the option to return to the main KAYAK.com domain.

One of the main features of KAYAK is its ability to handle searches for multiple travel elements like flights, hotels, and car hires. The service makes travel planning simpler and seamless as it places all these essentials in one place. It provides options for different classes of flights like Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class, catering to a wide range of travel needs and budgets.

KAYAK also caters to customers who require additional services for their trips. Alongside its main travel booking features, it offers the ability to explore holidays and check travel restrictions, making it a convenient tool for users who need to plan a trip considering the recent global travel restrictions.

The platform covers a vast array of locations ranging from Argentina and Australia to Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, making it accessible to users from different parts of the world. The website is available in several languages such as English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Chinese, which further enhances the user experience for non-English speakers.

In addition to its extensive search capabilities, KAYAK offers a selection of accommodation options that suits diverse budgets. It lists hostels, inns and hotels with rates ranging from budget to luxury, providing options for all types of travelers. From cheaper options such as Publove @ The Crown in Battersea priced at 18 Euro to the more upscale accommodations like the Royal National Hotel, KAYAK accommodates various customer preferences. Further, it provides an option to switch between different currencies, which is beneficial for travelers coming from different countries.

Their car hire feature is useful for travelers who prefer or require vehicular transport at their destination. It allows users to identify and book rentals in their destination city, facilitating ground transportation and enhancing the convenience of the travel experience.

A new feature on the platform, KAYAK for Business, further expands its services by catering to the needs of corporate travelers.

Overall, KAYAK offers a well-rounded, comprehensive service for travelers to plan and book their travel. With its diverse offerings and inclusive approach, it proves itself an effective tool for anyone's travel planning process, regardless of their location or language preference.