Reviewed Asia is a diverse review platform that compiles reviews of various services and amenities across Asia and the Middle Eastern region. They provide critical, yet balanced, evaluations of hotels, eateries, and various other services across multiple countries.

Among the categories featured on Reviewed Asia is an extensive collection of hotel reviews stretched across multiple countries, from the Middle East to South East Asia. These reviews cover locales in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with a particular emphasis on the quality of accommodation, service, and amenities provided by these hotels.

Another salient feature of Reviewed Asia is their in-depth analysis of food establishments. They provide engaging perspectives on coffee shops, restaurants, breakfast and brunch outlets, and buffet restaurants across the reviewed regions. Whether one is seeking a leisurely brunch or a sumptuous buffet spread, Reviewed Asia's reviews offer information and insights.

Not limiting their scope to hotels and restaurants, Reviewed Asia also explores fitness and sports-related topics. Offering opinions about Muay Thai martial arts and golf, they delve into the intricacies of the practices, courses, and the experience as a whole.

For those seeking adventure and relaxation, Reviewed Asia also covers excursions and spas. Detailed reviews of various adventures and onsen spas, typically found in Japan, provide interested tourists or locals with descriptions, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Reviewed Asia maintains a balance in featuring reviews of various establishments. They offer potential advertisers a platform to feature their brands, promising visibility and reach by leveraging their extensive reader base.

Not just consisting of reviews, Reviewed Asia also provides travel tips, advice, and published videos for a more interactive and helpful way for users to gain insights about the different places, amenities, and experiences.

Verdict: Reviewed Asia is a comprehensive travel and lifestyle guide for those interested in the Middle East and South East Asian regions. Their wide range of reviews, travel tips, and videos offer depth and variety, making it a resourceful go-to platform for both unfamiliar travelers and locals alike.