Turism and travel can be extremely profitable and in such a competitive market, third party operators tend to battle each other to increase their market share. Travelgenio.us is one of the may websites that offers fight search services, price comparison and ticket booking. It sounds like every other travel websites so what makes travelgenio better or worse? What is it about this particular that makes is a preferable choice when it comes to booking flights?

Travelgenio.us does have a sheer amount of features and functionality tweaks that make it more enjoyable and lucrative to use.

The User Experience

Travelgenio understood one important aspect that keeps online businesses alive and that is ease of use. People do not want to go through the hassle of creating an account, filling in a bunch of forms with information then wrestle to search for a flight. Travelgenio decided to go for a much simplified process.

Users only need to go to the website and fill in some basic information into the search form on the top left side of the page. All that is needed to perform a basic search is to fill in the origin, destination and departing and returning dates. That is all that it takes to start searching for a flight for one person.

The process is just as simple for people that need to book flight tickets for multiple people and infants. Travelgenio’s search form allows the selection of the number of adults, infants and children as well as additional search filters for airlines and class. By default the form will have only one adult selected and it will look at all the airlines and show the cheapest options first.

Booking And Payment

Again, when it comes to online payments people like it simple. A lot of website require a ton of useless information such as the address of the person that will perform the payment and all sorts of contact details. Travelgenio only requires some basic contact information and the payment details for of the credit card that will be used to book the flight. It is simple convenient and fast.

To be noted that in some cases the company may choose to contact the buyer via email for additional information but this is mostly a onetime activity and it does not happen all the time. Returning customers will not need to provide any additional information once it has been collected by Travelgenio. According to them this is a fraud prevention procedure that is meant to protect the cardholder.

What About Pricing?

Compared to other flight booking websites Travelgenio does offer decent rates and in most cases the flight listed on their website is cheaper than on the airline’s website.

The Bottom Line

Travelgenio.us is a convenient way of booking flight tickets at affordable rates without overpaying for services and fees. What makes this particular travel agency website attractive is the ease of use and the simplified search and booking forms. They might ask for additional contact information but this only happens for first time users that paid for a flight to protect the cardholder.