Dubai Fun Activities is a specialized service offering an array of enjoyable pursuits in Dubai and the surrounding area. Specifically, this outfit caters to tourists and locals seeking to explore the adventure and luxury options that the city provides, with their range of offerings encompassing cruise experiences, desert safaris, helicopter tours, city visits and luxury car rentals.

Their cruise options are varied and cater to both short and long trips. For instance, they provide several types of cruises including Creek, Canal, Marina, Yacht Charter and the Mussandam Dibba Tour. These cruises are essential for anyone seeking to fully experience Dubai from its waterways. Specifically, the Ultimate Luxury Cruise boasts a combination of relaxation and adventure. In presenting the next offer, a Dinner and Sightseeing Tour, Dubai Fun Activities invite tourists and locals alike to enjoy the culinary culture of the city, while taking in the breath-taking views of Dubai's iconic landmarks.

Furthermore, the company provides diverse desert safari packages such as Basic Desert Safari, VIP Desert Safari, Morning Desert Safari and the Overnight Desert Safari. The helicopter rides are another exciting way to explore Dubai. These packages offer rides such as Pearl Heli Tour, Fun Ride, Iconic Tour, City Circuit and Desert Gulf Heli Tour. An enticing appeal of these tours is the bird-eye view of the city's skyline.

Dubai Fun Activities doesn't stop at just tours; they also offer rent luxury cars, pack holiday packages which encompass plan for Eid Holidays, Valentine Special and New Year. Special tailor-made solutions are also there for private events. The city tours offered by the company include a Dubai City Tour and the Abu Dhabi City Tour.

One of their highlighted discounted cruise packages is the Dhow Cruise Creek which starts at an affordable rate for tourists and offers a 2-hour cruise with food, drinks, live entertainment, and an International Buffet Dinner available daily.

Overall, Dubai Fun Activities breaths variety in its offerings and caters to an extensive range of interests. This makes it an easy choice for anyone visiting Dubai and the vibrant United Arab Emirates.

Business address

Blue Coast Travel and Tourism
Opposite Radisson Blu Hotel, Parking 3 – Deira Creek,
United Arab Emirates

Contact details

Phone: +971501973123