Holiday Hypermarket is an online platform where users can find their dream package holidays for the years 2023 and 2024. This platform is a member of several organizations, including ABTA-J8086, ABTA-K8641, ABTA-TUI, ABTA-V5126, and ABTA, which speaks to their reliability and trustworthiness within the holiday booking sector.

Holiday Hypermarket provides a variety of information and tools to its users. There are sections for searching and browsing different packages and destinations. Users can view detailed information about flights, accommodation, and extra services included in each package. The platform offers advance passenger info for flight-related queries and airport arrival and departure details.

In addition to these offerings, Holiday Hypermarket also has features to enhance user experience and ease of use. The platform includes a gallery that features images of various trip offerings and their destinations. The site also provides users with icons for various categories such as beach, bed, bus, camera, car, and clock, which adds a visual aspect to the browsing process and helps viewers to easily know what is included in a particular package.

Another feature that most users will find valuable is the flights and hotels summary tool, which allows users to view an overview of flights and accommodations included in their bookings. Holiday Hypermarket also prioritizes the inclusion of accessibility information, which improves their customer service approach for those with disability needs.

Holiday Hypermarket also allows additional passengers to be added to bookings. It further provides deposit information for all its package deals. The platform also provides a helpline for any queries or concerns the user might have during the booking process.

Moreover, the platform provides users with several options to connect on the internet, including through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and by email. These features likely enhance the platform's accessibility and ability to communicate and engage with their customers. Finally, their partnership with insurance companies ensures that users can feel secure and insured during their adventures.

Holiday Hypermarket appears to be a modern and user-friendly platform to book holiday packages. With the plethora of information and features available, the service seems to prioritize customer enjoyment and ease of planning, making it a popular choice for holiday-goers.

In conclusion, Holiday Hypermarket provides users with an all-inclusive platform for booking their dream holiday packages. The wide variety of features and information available on the site enhances the user experience, making holiday planning easier and more enjoyable.

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