Wikitravel's page on Australia provides comprehensive coverage of the country. It has a well-structured format that categorizes information to allow easier navigation and understanding. The contents cover a wide swath of topics including geography, climate, history, economy, politics, culture, holidays, and peak holiday times, among others. A unique feature of Wikitravel's Australia page are sections detailing the various ways to gain entry into the country such as by plane, boat, or overland transport.

Additionally, the site guides users on how to travel around Australia once they are in the country. It provides travel tips and recommendations for various modes of transportation like cars, planes, trains, boats, etc. Visitors looking to better understand Australia's car culture have information on rentals and purchases included on the page.

Additionally, the page possesses sections where readers can learn about the unique wildlife found in Australia along with landmarks and sporting events. It provides comprehensive details of what tourists can do, including activities like swimming, diving, and gambling. The inclusion of these sections ensures that every aspect of the traveler's visit is well catered for.

Credit must additionally be given to the inclusion of sections on Australian currency, credit card usage, costs, and lectures on haggling and tipping. This information is important to helping tourists better plan for their trip financially. Also addressed are tax-related issues like sales tax refunds which could prove to be beneficial for tourists.

Moreover, the detailed sections on food and drink present an immersed insight into Australian cuisine. Vegetarian options and foods catering to specific religious diets are also mentioned, which is valuable for tourists with dietary restrictions.

It is also worth noting that a section is dedicated to providing useful information to those who desire further education in Australia, such as details about universities, the admission process, and tuition fees. This caters to both short-term tourists as well as those exploring long-term residency options.

The 'Sleep' section caters to information regarding accommodation choices like camping, hostels, and other lodging options. The breadth and depth of information included make Wikitravel's Australia page a comprehensive guide for any traveler planning on visiting Australia.