is a comparison website dedicated to providing parking options at major airports in Australia. The website presents various parking spaces and prices from different providers, allowing customers to compare and choose according to their needs. With over 3 million customers worldwide, Parkos exhibits a customer-friendly approach on its platform.

Parkos follows a five-step process for utilizing its services. After choosing and booking a parking space on the platform, customers receive an email with confirmation and instructions. They then drive to the airport following the emailed instructions. These instructions may differ depending on the parking provider selected. The customers then hand over their car to the provider and take a free shuttle bus to the terminal, unless they've booked valet parking, which offers a pick-up at the departure hall.

During their trip, customers can rest assured that their car is safely parked with one of Parkos' partner providers. Upon return, customers either take a shuttle to the parking lot or meet the valet at the arrival hall, depending on their booking.

Parkos ensures a high standard of service, conducting careful inspections of all the parking lots listed on their site. They provide the best deals on airport parking and allow free cancellation up to 24 hours. With an average rating of 9.5/10 from its customers, Parkos proves to be a reliable and user-friendly service for airport parking needs.

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