This expatriate forum all about Bulgaria has been online now for over three years. Having worked for the site and compiled all the information that is now uses. It is probably one of the most comprehensive sites on Bulgaria online.

It has a forum which is used mainly from expatriates, but there are English speaking Bulgarian that use it as well. If you want to know anything about Bulgaria and can't find it on the information pages then just ask on the forum and within a short space of time the information will come from members. By the way membership is free!

There is a recipe section contributed by members where you can find all the traditional Bulgarian recipes given by Bulgarians - Having tried a few and contributed quite a few so they are tried and tested.

If you have any interest in Bulgaria at all, this site is well worth joinng up. It is far better than which is based in England and has a much less friendly approach with their forums and more business minded. In fact if you are going to have a site about Bulgaria and expatriates living there it has to come from Bulgaria!

Having been a part of his site for the first year helping it to reach its currently popularity It is pleasing to see it continuing along that same path and will eventually become the biggest and most widely used forum for expatriates and people who have an interest in Bulgaria.

Well worth a visit!

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