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Exotic, forbidden and terribly mysterious, Asia has lured curious travelers for hundreds of years and for good reason. From eastern Russia to overpopulated China, diverse India to the arid regions of the Middle East, Asia is the world's largest continent in the world (geographically and population density).

India and China both boast a population well over 1 billion and neither shows any sign of slowing down. Combined with the inhabitants of the remaining countries, the Asian continent holds over 4.1 billion people.

Home to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China has seen a recent boost in tourism and its economy. Cultural tensions run high, so it is best to be as respectful as possible of cultural rules and expectations. Check out the wide range of behaviors you should familiarize yourself with by accessing a web directory for China and culture.

Though the Middle East is experiencing a great deal of political unrest and warfare, much of the rest of Asia is well worth a visit. Flights can be fairly expensive from the Americas or Europe, but once you've arrived your currency will generally go far.

Japan is probably strongest economy of Asian countries, with a tremendously advanced and civilized society. Tokyo and Mt. Fuji are two of the most popular destinations in the world. Budget accommodations are available with a little research, so a web directory can come in handy as a great one-stop resource to list the innumerable hostels and low-cost hotels.

Asia is one of the most beautiful destinations all around the world. Here you can learn more about the traditions of the Chinese and Asian people, as well as about The Forbidden City in Beijing or Great Wall of China which is said to be the only construction on Earth that can be seen from the Moon. Chinese people are known for inventing some of the most useful things that society uses nowadays, such as the gunpowder or the wheel, so a trip to Asia in order to find out more about the ancient inventions would be ideal for those who are interested in this.

Asia is the largest continent in the World. Another very important attraction point when talking about Asia is their culture and mythology, the Chinese and Japanese people having a very diversified, beautiful and well-preserved culture. In addition to this, in Asia you will see that people care very much about traditions and respect them, holding carnivals and celebrations every year. In Asia you can also find all of the world`s religions, due to the fact that Asia hosts no less than 4 billion people.

To sum up, if you have decided upon visiting Asia and discover it`s wonders and kings that made their way through history, can provide you with links to some of the most important and well-known touristic attractions, where you can find out more about them as well as about the myths that the people believe it. Web directories are a very good source of information for any future traveler.

Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines have stable but modest economies with a positive exchange rate for foreign visitors, so even with a fairly expensive flight you can vacation for a modest amount.

If you have an adventurous spirit and you want to truly experience the exotic, Asia can be a world full of surprises and delights.


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