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Earthy, tribal, wild Africa. Seemingly the last great wilderness of the world, Africa is a test of old traditions, new technology and diversity. Though many of Africa's nations continue to struggle with poverty, disease and corruption, several are emerging as cultural icons that lure travelers from across the globe.

With climates that include the Sahara Desert, the rain forests of the Congo, the wild Serengeti and Mt. Kilimanjaro, there is something for everyone on this vast continent.

In most countries within Africa, your money will go far due to the substandard economy found in many countries. However, expect to pay handsomely if you shop for trinkets or spend any time in a market as shopkeepers will usually charge outsiders much more unless you have keen bargaining skills.

Some popular destinations include: the sphinx and pyramids of Egypt just outside the bustling and dusty Cairo; a safari through the flat lands of Tanzanian Serengeti; the climb of a lifetime to one of the base camps on Mt Kilimanjaro; a mind-blowing visit to the spectacular Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe. You hear people talking about Safari trips all the time. With a Safari trip you can see animals in their natural habitat, from the wildest such as tigers or lions to giraffes or zebras. It is great to see that the man has not modified some of the natural habitats and thanks to this you can admire some of the most beautiful wild animals. This Safari trip business is a very profitable one in Africa, tourists that are interested in it and they pay lots of money in order to be given a bit of the wild life.

Safari trips are only a small part of what Africa has to offer to its visitors. Africa rests on the second place on a scale according to the continent size. The tourists can attend tours in order to discover the beautiful sights of Africa such as Victoria Falls or the Fish Canyon that are true natural miracles. Besides this if you are a true football fan you can go to Africa and see the World Cup in 2010, while if you are interested in seeing the seaside you should know that Africa has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Hiking, trekking, discovering cultures and customs or simply visiting the pyramids in Egypt in order to find out more about these wonders and the pharaohs can be unforgettable experiences especially if you visit Africa for the first time. This is where web directories work their magic and offer a listing of links to some of the most important travel agencies that offer great prices for trips in Africa.

Recently becoming ever more popular is South Africa's Cape Town. It is emerging on the international scene as a place to visit due to its great climate, budding fashion/party scene and beautiful natural wonders like scenic beaches and nearby hiking.

If you're interested in a volunteer-oriented vacation, Africa has plenty of opportunities regardless of what your skill level or specialty might be. For a comprehensive list of volunteer organizations that service African nations as part of your vacation, use a web directory to start your research. It can be a fantastic way to see the world and give something back.