Oyster.com is an online platform that caters to various accommodation needs ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly options. It offers reviews and photos of hotels in numerous destinations worldwide, such as the Dominican Republic, New York City, Bali, Cancun, and Paris, among others. Oyster is comprehensive and versatile, providing customers with collections such as all-inclusive, luxury, beach, romantic, kid-friendly, and boutique hotels to meet different preferences and requirements.

In addition to assisting with hotel reservations, Oyster also provides informative articles and travel tips. These include rookie mistakes to avoid, luxury for less strategies, destination cheat sheets, budget travel tips, hidden gems, health and wellness travel, and many more. They help the traveller plan their trip with greater convenience and knowledge.

One of the unique features of Oyster is its use of special investigators who visit, photograph, review, and rate each hotel listed on the site, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. This special feature aims to help users make an informed decision and prevent unpleasant experiences during their stay. Oyster also uses an adult and room-based reservation system that further allows for customization of the user's hotel stay.

Oyster.com promotes easy interaction with the company and customers through various social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. It also offers a subscription service for customers wishing to stay updated on expert tips and deals.

In conclusion, Oyster.com is a thorough, user-friendly website that takes measures to ensure that the information it provides is accurate. This level of detail and personal touch is designed to help travelers find the best accommodation and travel experiences. However, it must be noted that while the reviews are meant to be unbiased, experiences may vary depending on individual expectations and specific circumstances during a particular stay.