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  • Bintan Lagoon Resort
    The official site for Bintan Lagoon Resort, the largest integrated resort in the island of Bintan. Website gives information on the hotel, golf course, direct ferry services and promotions as well as general information on Bintan.

  • Put-in-Bay Hotels
    Offers and extensive list of hotels in Put in Bay, OH. Reviews, articles, to-do lists are available for the users.

  • Red Apple Cabin EP
    An entire home you can rent for vacation week or weekend with three bedrooms on two private acres on top of the foothills at the start of the Appalachian Trail head or Southern starting point of the AT.

  • Accommodation at Portrush Atlantic Hotel
    One of Northern Ireland's tourist destinations with awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic coastline and a rich history and culture.

  • Amoma
    An international hotel information and booking centre for over 230,000 accommodations in more than 19,000 destinations. It offers a booking management option for clients to find, identify and pay for hotels from online. It has five booking offices around the world with 200 travel experts.

  • Choice hotels
    A Canada-based business which provides hotels in all he major Canadian travel destinations including Toronto, Niagara, Vancouver, Halifax and Winnipeg. It offers over 300 hotels with comfort suites; expended suburban stay packages and sleep-ins.

  • Make My Trip EP
    An Indian hotel booking site for both local and international accommodations. It offers one-stop travel services for holiday packages in several destinations including Kolkata, Goa, Mysore, Mumbai, Sringer and Shirdi. Clients can search for Indian holiday deals and travel packages on the site.

  • Oyster EP
    A hotel site inspecting photographs, offering reviews for featured hotels and provides each of them with a rating depending on quality and location. It provides different accommodation and leisure categories including luxury hotels, wedding hotels, boutique, romantic, spa, holiday, foodie, steamy and celebrity hotels.

  • EP
    A hotel reservation site for motels, hotels and world-class resorts. It offers hotel reviews for several accommodations including Key West hotels, Chicago hotels, Maui accommodations, Atlanta resorts and Hawaii hotels among others. It also offers information on offers, discounts and promotions on the featured hotels.

  • Siofok Hotel Lido
    Family-owned hotel with own private beach to Lake Balaton offers 132 rooms with air-conditioning and lakeview balconies in the heart of Siofok, Hungary.

  • The Commons Hotel
    Just steps from the University of Minnesota, is a boutique Minneapolis hotel that embodies a sense of inner geek in a chic, modern setting.

  • Top Hotels EP
    Offers a collection of five star resorts and luxury hotels around the world in four different languages. It is an information centre where travelers can book suites, services and accommodations for weekends, getaways, luxury vacations and special occasions. It features luxury resorts in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey among other countries.

  • UK hotels EP
    Offers a list of travel accommodations and hotel deals in over 60 countries, both in the UK and outside. It provides a hotel finder option where people can search for favourable hotel deals depending on their budget and location. It also gives individual hotel reviews including travel links and information on surrounding attractions and landmarks.

  • Warkworth House Hotel
    The 3 star family run Warkworth House Hotel, offers a contemporary modern design set within classical surroundings. They are open seven days a week all year round for food, drink and accommodation.

Hotels Web Directory

The hotel business is one of the longest serving industries in the history of mankind. In the last few years, the industry has experience numerous developments in several fields including the quality of its infrastructure, kind of services offered, hospitality and accommodation. Even with the rampant automation and improvement of customer services, several security concerns have been raised with conmen, pilferers, identity thieves and scam artists taking advantage of unsuspecting guests to con them of their luggage and money. The safety in hotels is the collective responsibility of both the hotel management and the guests.

While the manager takes care of general security issues such as gate scanning, scrutinizing suspicious events and taking preventive control measures, it is upon the guest to take care of his personal security as well as that of his luggage by following simple precautionary measures. Such measures are very crucial if you are visiting a risky town, a strange hotel or a place you know little about. You should always ensure that the door to your suite is locked whether you are inside or outside. If you are inside, turn the deadbolt and fasten the security chain.

Whenever you are leaving the room, lock the door completely and take some time to confirm. Anyone can take advantage of your absence and get into your property including fellow guests or even some rogue employees.

Do not open the suite door to strangers unless they properly identify themselves. There have been many cases of thieves breaking into people’s suites pretending to be employees. If you do not expect an employee to visit, you can always decline to open the door. Modern hotel doors have a security view on the door which guests can use to identify anyone knocking the door. If you still don’t trust the person, always leave the security chain locked as you open the door. In case of any suspicious action, do not hesitate to contact the security desk. You should also know the security exits just in case of anything. Remember to lock your windows since thieves can use small spaces to grab items such as phones and laptops. When getting back to the resort at night, use the main entrance and avoid suspicious corners.

There are many types of luggage that one can carry into a hotel room including personal dresses, laptops, phones and personal documents. To avoid losing important documents, leave them locked in safes and closets which cannot be accessed by the cleaning teams and maintenance crew. Never leave cash, credit cards or expensive jewellery in the rooms. Don’t trust your important documents with anyone. With the rising cases of identity theft, people can easily steal your private information including your credit card details if you are not careful. Be careful for suspicious moves by both employees and fellow guests to stay safe.

The hotel management oversees the general security concerns including inspecting guest cars for bombs, weapons, and other insecure gadgets. They also monitor security through CCTV surveillance and security boys. The guest should however take care of his personal security in private rooms and places which are not monitored