Hostelling International is a global network of hostels that provides a platform for travellers to discover an authentic hostel experience. The organization focuses on numerous notable destinations and hostels around the world, including sites in countries like Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, and many more. This extensive scope provides a diverse range of options for travellers, catering to a variety of preferences and interests.

To aid in travellers' experiences, Hostelling International offers resources such as their Experiences and HI Blog. These features provide inspiration and helpful information for those planning their journeys. Moreover, Hostelling International's emphasis on promoting understanding and knowledge about the culture of travelling and hostelling is clearly seen through the What is a Hostel? feature. This can be particularly beneficial for travellers who are new to the concept of hostelling, crafting a more informed and comfortable experience.

Hostelling International is also committed to sustainable hostelling practices, demonstrating their engagement with the global and local initiatives. This commitment extends to educating their guests on how to be sustainable travellers, furthering their aim to promote responsible and ethical travelling.

The organization also provides membership options, offering an array of benefits and discounts. Not only does this enhance the value of their services, but also fosters a global community of travellers. The membership FAQs and terms and conditions are readily accessible for potential members for transparent and informed decisions about becoming a Member Partner.

On the whole, Hostelling International is not just a hostelling service, but also functions as an informative resource center for travellers. Their commitment to sustainable travelling and nurturing a global network of like-minded travellers essentially makes them stand out in the hospitality sector. They ensure that every step of the travelling process, from selecting a destination to understanding what exactly a hostel is, is made simpler, enlightening and more comprehensive for every traveller. Whether it involves lazy days at the beach, hikes in the wilderness, urban getaways, or delving into new cultures, Hostelling International offers varied experiences for everyone.