Hostelworld is a versatile online platform that strives to offer a comprehensive hostel booking experience. It enables globetrotters to explore and book accommodations from among the world's top hostels. Hostelworld also allows property owners to list their properties, creating a seamless bridge between travelers and hosts.

Perhaps one of the most enticing features of Hostelworld is its 'Meet Your People' experience, wherein it shows potential boarders who they will be staying with. This feature brings a sense of community even before you reach your destination, making the platform a go-to choice for travelers interested in making new connections.

The platform further strengthens these connections through its Chat function, enabling travelers to interact 14 days prior to check-in at their respective hostels. The platform offers Hostel Chat, City Chat, and Direct Messages, significantly enhancing its communal dimension.

Moreover, Hostelworld is not confined to just securing accommodation. The platform entices its users by augmenting their travel experiences with activities planned by fellow travelers. The platform claims to transform solo traveling into a social experience with just a few taps, indicating its potential to facilitate a more enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

Another upcoming feature of Hostelworld is the sharing of travel tips from its extensive community. Labelled as 'The Common Room', this space is expected to be an online haven for adventure enthusiasts to connect and share their experiences. Hostelworld is also expanding its offering to include small-group tours in popular destinations led by local guides, which should further increase its appeal among adventurous travelers.

Hostelworld promises an easy-to-use mobile application that makes searching for hostels and connecting with travel companions more accessible. The application appears to be a convenient tool for both personal and shared planning and provides easy access to Hostelworld's offerings.

Furthermore, Hostelworld demonstrates its commitment towards corporate social responsibility by being a Climate Neutral verified company. By prioritizing the planet and committing to reducing its environmental footprint, it shows a responsible ethos in balancing business objectives with ecological sustainability.

Overall, Hostelworld represents an engaging and social platform that brings more to the table than just the booking of accommodation. Its features not only enable users to secure a place to stay but also allow them to interact, plan activities, and share experiences. With its commitment to the environment, Hostelworld also delivers on the corporate social responsibility front, making it a compelling choice among travelers and backpackers.