Marketing for Hostels Websites

Hostels normally provide sociable budget oriented accommodation where guests can rent a bunk bed in a dormitory while sharing things like the lounge, bathroom or even kitchens. They can either be mixed or same sex, with some private rooms available. Since most resources are shared, the hostel provides a cheap accommodation option for groups on vacation.

Choosing a hostel

The kind of hostel you choose should fit your travel needs. It should be centrally located where you can walk to the local attractions easily. Avoid unhygienic hostels since they bring more harm than good. Look for the ones in a secure location where there are very few security concerns. The less the people in the hostel, the less you have to worry about loosing your luggage. While most men don’t have any problem sleeping in a mixed dorm, women could be uncomfortable especially if they are mixed with strangers or people they don’t trust. Females also need more privacy than males.

What to carry

For the security of your belongings, always book hostels that have lockers where you can you’re your important stuff. Bring a lock so that you can put some limitation to the people accessing your property. Never bring any irreplaceable document or gadget. Whether you are staying in a luxury hotel or a budget hostel, there are things you cannot afford to lose. This could be an expensive Rolex watch, a valuable wedding ring, a hereditary pearl or your academic documents. You will worry less if you leave your valuable stuff at home. There are some important things you have to carry such as your passports, identification documents and cameras. Always ensue that they are kept hidden or close to you to avoid tempting thieves in the hostel.


When staying in a hostel, it is advisable to use electronic money than cash. Don’t carry too much cash since money is easy to steal if mistakenly misplaced. The less the money you have, the less that can be stolen fro you. All the cash you carry should be hidden in your pocket or concealed in a locker. You may want to invest in more personalized money packs such as waist wraps or suspenders which cannot be easily reached without your attention

Important documents

When staying in a hostel, you don’t know who to trust and who not to. It is easy to lose important documents that you carry along. Make copies of your debit cards, birth certificates, credit cards, passport and drivers license. It is cheaper to replace lost documents if you had kept copies.

Your phone

If you bring your phone along, make sure it is always charged and has credit just in case you need to make emergency calls. Store the emergency numbers for the local authorities on the phone. Keep it on so that you can dial your own number with another phone in case it’s misplaced.

After checking in a hostel, ask for the hostel contacts and carry them along with you. Make sure that someone knows that you are in that hostel and always speak up if you notice anything suspicious.


  • A & O hostels
    A hotel and hostel combination network in several European countries including Prague, Cologne, Frankfurt, Graz, Nuremberg and Dresden. It accommodates several travellers' categories including families, school cases associations and backpackers. It offers express booking options for single and double rooms, as well group dorms.

  • Abraham hostel
    This is a Jerusalem booking site for hostels. It offers over 250 beds hosting people from all over the world. It is strategically located at the Jerusalem city Centre. It offers a list of daily tours and events across Jerusalem and Israel. It offers several packages including 10 bed mixed dorms, 6, 8, 4 and 2 bed packages.

  • Famous hostels
    This is an association of independent individually owned hostels in Europe. It has a network of destination across 200 cities in Europe including Amsterdam, Athens Bad Gerstein, Barcelona and Berlin. It provides hostel bookings with irregular offers around the year.

  • Germany youth hostel association
    A booking site for a series of youth hostels across Germany. It hostel reviews for the featured accommodations including the provided amenities and services. Customers can also organize for transport and meal arrangements.

  • Hi hostels
    Offers booking services for single night and vacation hostels including mixed houses, private rooms and single gender rooms. It features over 4,000 hostels in America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. It also includes guest rating for different hostels featured.

  • Hostel bookers
    Provides hostel booking services in over 3500 destinations around the world. It features cheap hostels and youth hostels in several cities and attraction places including Edinburgh, Dublin, Los Angeles Melbourne, Rome and Chicago among others.

  • Hostel Mostel
    This is an affordable hostel accommodation provider in Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv for all ages and genders. It features a 24 hour hot water facility, an equipped kitchen, luggage lockers, Wi-Fi connection and city maps. It also includes gaming and recreational amenities such as pool tables, a barbecue and a TV room.

  • Hosteling international
    Hosteling international is a US based hostel company with a network of over 4,000 hostels in more than 60 countries. It offers a wide range of opportunities including memberships, education, volunteerships and reservations for its hostels. All its hostels are standardized in terms of cleanliness and security.

  • Hostels worldwide
    Offers booking services for accommodation hostels across the world. It also provides youth hostel reviews an travel guides for different visitors. It also features self-catering accommodations, campsites, bed and breakfast facilities and budget rooms in over 180 countries around the world.

  • Hostelz
    An online database for hostels with over 41,000 listings. It gives reviews and price comparisons for hostel offers from different websites. It features several cities including Barcelona, London, Prague, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

  • Kimberley Klub
    Providing budget backpackers and YHA accommodation in Broome near Cable Beach Western Australia. Air conditioned dorms and private rooms available.

  • Wombats hostels
    The network of city hostels in wombat, spread across Munich, Berlin, Budapest and Vienna. They are situated a short distance from the major train stations in the four cities. They feature 3-8 beds and private double rooms or twin rooms. Travellers can also access laundry, internet access, tourist information and secure luggage storage.