El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel is an award-winning hotel located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The establishment has been recognized by TripAdvisor and received the Traveler's Choice Award for top hotels in Mexico consistently from 2013 to 2020. Moreover, it has been highlighted as one of Mexico's top luxury and trendiest hotels, distinguishing it from other hotels in Playa del Carmen.

The recognition extends beyond TripAdvisor, with The New York Times and USA Today acknowledging the hotel for its design, luxury, and outstanding service. Despite not being an all-inclusive resort, El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel has established itself as a leading hotel in the area, offering a different yet high-quality hospitality experience.

In terms of accommodation, the Condo Hotel offers luxury units with one to four-bedroom options. These units are marked by large living spaces and fully equipped kitchens. Many feature private outdoor Jacuzzi's on the terraces, providing an added luxury touch. The hotel comprises of 57 spacious units, spread across two separate sister properties.

El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel does not shy away from providing luxury service and amenities, equating those of a 4 or 5-star hotel. Although the full list of amenities was not provided in the original text, it was noted that they include a Premier Beach Club. This inclusion hints at a high level of consideration for guest entertainment and relaxation.

Additionally, the hotel allows prospective guests to view current beach conditions through their live webcam, illustrating a commitment to transparency and customer convenience. This unique feature, combined with their numerous awards and strong guest-focused approach, further solidifies El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel as a standout option in Playa del Carmen. Customers can make bookings directly through their website or contact them via phone call or WhatsApp. The availability of a multilingual team is indicated by the language selection option of Spanish.

In conclusion, El Taj Oceanfront and Beachside Condo Hotel is an award-winning establishment known for its luxurious units and high standard of service. It presents itself as a top choice for travelers looking for upscale accommodation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.