Anaconda is an Australian-based outdoor and camping store that caters to a wide range of outdoor, camping, and hiking needs. Its website is optimised for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, with download links for each available, ensuring optimum user experience. Additionally, the website has an order tracking feature, indicating a structured purchasing and delivery system for customer convenience.

The store houses a diverse product range. In the camping and hiking category, it offers various types of tents including family tents, camping tents, and hiking tents. Sneakily maintaining their reputation as nothing short of an all-inclusive outdoor store, they also provide more specialised tents such as rooftop tents, pop up instant tents, and beach tents and sunshades.

Anaconda stands out for its comprehensive list of tent accessories and tarps. In addition to tents, customers can find Gazebos, Awnings, and Shades in their inventory catering to camping, caravan, and car journey needs. This section includes Gazebo walls and an assortment of shades and shelters, extending the choice for customers.

When it comes to sleeping equipment, Anaconda offers sleeping bags, a range of different beds including air beds, stretchers, and hammocks, along with 4WD and hiking mats. The store also sells pumps, pillows, and other sleeping accessories, ensuring your outdoor experience is comfortable.

There's a diverse range of camping furniture that includes not just camping chairs and tables, but also reclining camp chairs, stools, beach chairs, loungers, and even a selection specifically for kids. Customers can also find camping kitchen equipment including camp stoves, BBQs, cookware, appliances and tableware, even featuring camping coffee makers.

Lastly, Anaconda's selection of fridges, coolers and electronics effectively encapsulates the needs of the modern camper. Complete with fridge freezers and fridge covers, cooler ice packs and accessories, customers are left wanting for nothing. Providing a balance between old school outdoors and new age camping, they also carry GPS Navigators and Cameras under the electronics category.