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Top camping tips

Camping is an outdoor adventure where friends and family can take some time out and engage in involving outdoor exploration activity away from the city noise and charisma. To make it more interesting and fun, here are a few things to consider.

Camping equipment

The kind of camping equipment you need to carry for your camping adventure should depend on your campsite location and the length of time you will take. Always carry car adapters for charging your electronics such as mobile devises, mp3 players and cell phones. In case your GPS does not work, carry your compass along to help you stay in touch with your location.

A digital camera is a must-have gadget which records all your campsite memories. The size of the tent you carry depends on the number of people on the mission as well as your storage space requirements. Small tents are okay if you will only use them for sleeping. A sleeping bag is easy to carry, airtight and ideal gadget for campsite sleeping, and should be therefore be included in every camping mission. You need to have plenty of ice to keep your food and drinks and food. If you are going for a summer camping, remember to carry a hat for protection against the sun.


The campsite security depends on the kind of environment you visit. There are different types of housings that can be used for a camping experience including tents, cabins and recreational vehicles Game reserves are vulnerable to attacks from wild animals and should not be visited unless there is security provided. If you are visiting a popular campsite, you can reinforce your security by lighting up a fire or staying up in shifts. You should always have a first aid kit just in case of any eventualities such as snake and scorpion bites, emergency sicknesses and burns. When leaving the camp for a daytime exploration, leave someone behind to watch over your properties against intrusion by both humans and animals.

Dress up for the occasion

The kind f dresses you pick should depend on the season of the year. Put on layers of loose clothing which can be removed as the weather gets warmer.  Hiking boots, jackets, and gloves are necessary for the cold nights. You should also have a water proof poncho for protection against rain.


There are many ways to have fun in a campsite. You can get involved in activities such including barbecues, playing camping games, forest exploration, site seeing, and bonding. You need to concentrate on yourselves in order to get the most out of the camping experience. Avoid disruptions from your phone by avoiding spending time on the internet or concentrating on phone games. Everyone should target to have a quality camping experience rather than just passing time. Identify activities that all the friends around can participate in and engage in them.

Leave no trail behind

One of the most important ethical aspects of camping is leaving no trail behind. Collect all polythene bags and switch off fires completely. This will ensure that the campsite can also be utilized by future generations.


  • Standby Tent
    A company that sells and assembles Isabella Villa from Isabella.

  • Anaconda Australia
    An Australian provider of camping equipment including camping tents, technical gadgets and footwear. It offers a wide range if equipment including outdoor furniture, sleep equipment, tents and shelter, cooking facilities, cooling gadgets, optics, camp vehicles and clearance tools.

  • Camping and caravanning club
    A UK based camping organization which organizes camping activities for members in different parts of the UK. It offers 9 options for camping depending on the age, hobbies, interests and unit types of the members. It also provides camping facilities including recreational vehicles, tends and network arrangements.

  • Camping World
    A one stop shop for recreational vehicle installations. It offers a list of camping equipment and RV installations including mattresses, heaters, Honda generators, holding tanks, fire covers, GPS units, TV covers, and surge protectors. It also sells different models of recreational vehicles for group camping.

  • Enhanced Camping
    This is a camping information site for camps in the United States and Canada. It features different campgrounds including private campsites, state parks, Corps of Engineer parks and other adventure destinations. It also lists information on camp restrictions and group camping arrangements.

  • Reserve America
    A North American provider of camping guides and campsite reservations. It also offers campsite management tools for private and government campsite clients including call centre services, website development, marketing services and local campground management