Livvity is a life and wellness coaching brand based in Dubai that focuses on empowering individuals to achieve work-life balance and energize their flow. Aside from its individual coaching services, Livvity also offers leadership coaching, corporate training, and workshops, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to personal and professional development.

Their founder, Szilvia Vitos, serves as a leadership wellbeing coach. She encourages people to maximize their wellbeing, leveraging her own philosophy to stimulate personal transformation and professional growth. The website's interface provides convenience by allowing customers to book a free consultation online without hassle, showing Livvity's commitment to providing an accessible platform for their potential clients.

Specifically, Livvity offers individual coaching that incorporates a personalized approach. This service uses LIVVITY's core philosophy and nurtures a holistic attitude to wellbeing. By providing access to their coaching platform and wellbeing assessment tool, the organization empowers its clients to explore their present state of wellbeing and pinpoints areas for potential improvement.

Furthermore, Livvity offers group coaching, illustrating the dynamic range of services available. Group coaching brings a unique approach by inspiring transformation through collective goals and shared energy. This method amplifies the effect of the coaching by immersing clients in a group of similarly motivated individuals, potentially leading to higher levels of engagement and achievement.

For the corporate sphere, Livvity provides professional coaching in the form of team coaching, workshops, and seminars. The focus on the wellbeing of employees suggests an understanding of the link between staff wellbeing, productivity, and loyalty, demonstrating their alignment with modern best practices for improved organizational performance. This service showcases the brand's capacity to adapt and provide practical solutions to organizations of various sizes.

Indeed, Livvity is more than a life coaching service provider. It is also keen on spreading knowledge and truths about wellness and work-life harmony. Through a blog, those interested can gain valuable insights from a lifestyle coach in Dubai without any added cost.

Verdict: Livvity is a flexible and comprehensive life and wellness coaching brand that caters to both individuals and organizations in Dubai. They offer a variety of coaching options, including individual and group coaching, and corporate training. By doing so, Livvity illustrates a deep understanding of diverse client needs and presents a variety of methods to address these. The holistic approach that characterizes their services, coupled with the direct, no-nonsense approach of their platform, shows a commitment to help their clients become their best self.

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United Arab Emirates

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Phone: +971 55 123 3223