Yantra.lv offers consultations and online learning in a variety of areas including astrology, numerology, vastu (the meditation technique for improving the harmony of a home), yoga, and yoga therapy. Their instructors teach a range of yoga practices, catering to beginners and seasoned practitioners. Different yoga types covered range from detox yoga, spine-focused yoga, face yoga, to female hormonal yoga.

The platform also offers specialized modules on breathing techniques, understanding the chakras, the laws of Karma, Pranayama (Five sources of Prana), and children's yoga. Yantra.lv is known for its mini-courses which include Yantra Design, Physiognomy, Healthy Sleep, Yoga-Nidra, the power of gemstones, and more.

Another distinct area of their service includes mother and fatherhood-related sessions. Teaching about self-guided massage for visceral diagnosis appears to be a particular part of their offering.

At Yantra.lv they also teach vedic numerology and how to make yearly forecasts based on nine-year cycles. The platform provides ways to quickly diagnose when experiencing back pain and offers yogatherapy solutions to relieve it, evident from instructions about spine exercises. They offer tips on how to quickly wake up in the morning and how to take care of one's lymphatic system through yoga warm-up sessions.

Yantra.lv also offers insights on Astro Dragons, with the platform explaining how to detect and conquer one's internal Dragon for achieving happiness. The instructors have specific lessons relating to love, outlining five flavors and seven stages of love.

For Yantra.lv customer testimonials are important. The website has an entire section dedicated to reviews and feedback from service users. Customers who wish to explore may also be gifted a free trial by one of the instructors, Victoria Darakova.

Verdict: Yantra.lv is a comprehensive online learning platform for various methods of yoga, astrology, numerology, and related areas. Their offerings cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels.