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While many people do not differentiate much between religion and spirituality in people and society there is an important difference. While religion is strict and structured spirituality may not even follow a religion at all, or may just follow some of a religions teachings. Spirituality is a much more personal faith, which is subjective to a persons own beliefs, be they attached to a religion or a personal belief.

While a quick browse through a web directory can bring up a large selection of informative websites on spirituality in people and society, it is hard to understand spirituality without experiencing it. Many people talk of a spiritual awakening, when they went from doubting in a god to believing whole heartedly. This most often occurs when a person is under huge amounts of stress and strain.

Spirituality has got it's upsides however, being the basis of both music and faith healing, spirituality holds a huge number of surprises under it's quaint title.

Spirituality is not always religion in more ways than one, with many spiritual groups worshiping the earth, rather than a god, you may find that the spiritual hippies who practice a lot of art around the world are very spiritualistic but not at all religious. Preferring to connect with nature, rather than God.Being spiritual means that you are on a journey to find out who you really are and what is the purpose of your life. Spirituality is something that each individual can define in his or her own way, besides this it supposes meditation or different techniques in order to relax. As said before, it is hard to define spirituality as long as it it directly connected to religion, like some traditionalists say.

Spirituality can sometimes consist in believing in karmas, therefore people can be both religious (have a god in which they strongly believe) and spiritual. Since religious freedom allows everybody to choose the nature of their beliefs, some people say that they are fascinated by life and everything that is related to it and they want to find more. This is when spirituality steps in.

To sum up, you can find plenty of websites all over the Internet where you can find out more about religion, spirituality but also about the differences between these two. Clear and accurate information can also be found on, a web directory that lists some of the most relevant webpages based on the subject of spirituality.

Spirituality has had a huge affect on people and society throughout the ages, as people try to find spirituality despite their belief in a supreme being or mythical power. Plenty have found this on spiritual compounds around the world. Many people who do not like religion have taken up Buddhism, something that while still requiring a lot of faith in the supernatural does not focus on one supreme being.