United Faith Church is dedicated to spreading the love of The Father in Jesus Christ via His Holy Spirit through various means such as teaching, preaching, and proclaiming the Gospel. They aim to reach all individuals in all nations with their faith-based message. The church offers various services to its community, including a Sunday Service at 11:00 AM and a Spanish service at the same time. This is a further testament to United Faith Church's desire to cater to a diverse crowd.

They ensure the propagation of their mission by providing numerous digital resources, such as podcasts, articles, and even live video streams of their services allowing individuals around the globe to partake in their offerings. Amongst these digital offerings is a standout named The One Thing Podcast. This provides short devotional messages, aiming to help its listeners connect more closely with the Word of God.

United Faith Church also prides itself on its various missions across nations such as Honduras and India, spreading their teachings and help beyond their home base. The Church sees itself as the bridge connecting people from different backgrounds and languages in the shared experience of faith and community.

The church sustains its community through encouraging sermons that create a positive and nurturing environment. The recent sermons such as Choose Christ Over Your Circumstances and Death Has Met Its Match by Pastor Kris Burke and Pastor Jeffrey Brandt respectively, help the community members navigate their everyday challenges through scripture-informed advice. In addition to the traditional doctrinal teachings, the church has developed a special service, the 'soaking service', where they hope congregants can experience the presence of the divine more tangibly.

United Faith Church continues to make a significant impact with its music ministry, noted as a significant aspect of their worship. The church believes that it has been blessed with a gift for creating uplifting spiritual songs.

Verdict: United Faith Church is a community-oriented place of worship that embraces the diversity of its congregation while seeking to propagate its teachings to a widespread audience through various media.

Business address

United Faith Church
1160 West Bay Avenue,
United States

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Phone: 6096987200