Christianity Today is a global media ministry offering church news and leadership insights. They capture a robust global audience, reaching approximately 4.5 million people monthly, with 34% of their audience located outside the United States. This demonstrates the successful footprint of the ministry that has been consistently trusted for more than six decades, with their operations being deeply rooted in an unwavering global vision.

The main goal of Christianity Today is to enhance the faithfulness of the Church towards Christ while also aiming to draw the world closer to Him. The ministry acts metaphorically as a central nervous system for the global body of Christ, playing a critical role in aiding communication and coordination within the faith community. Notable for boldly bringing relevant and important issues to the forefront, the platform serves as a voice for the church that shapes evangelical conversation.

Christianity Today encourages Christians to demonstrate love and serve those who have been traditionally overlooked or marginalized. It evolves and refines discussions highlighting the stories and ideas reflecting the kingdom of God. In collaboration with its followers, the ministry aims to raise what is good and overcome what is evil. One of their notable activities includes organizing fundraising initiatives such as CT's Week of Giving.

Moreover, Christianity Today provides a variety of ways to contribute and be a part of their mission via sustaining partnerships, planned giving, and other means of donation. This inclusivity enables interested individuals to connect and participate in their cause in a way that aligns best with their personal preference. Additionally, they offer newsletters for followers who seek regular updates and invite interested individuals to join the team through job offerings.

In sum, Christianity Today operates as a trusted and established global media ministry fostering unity within the Christian community while also pushing boundaries and encouraging discussions around important issues. They provide a platform for stories reflecting the goodness of the kingdom of God to be shared and heard, effectively working to uplift and garner more attention to their mission.