The material titled 'Nationalism: To Us The Victory' explores the theme of nationalism through different facets like democracy, religion, economy, society, defence, and policing. It provides a brief and straightforward definition of nationalism - the love and defence of one's people and culture, and the pursuit of truth, honour and life.

Intriguingly, it delves into the concept of democracy, quoting the words of Enoch Powell, and alleging that democracy is currently being misused as a tool for self-destruction. The authors propose that the existing political system is filled with ignorance, corruption, and subversion. They strongly believe that regardless of the political party in power, the damage being done to the society remains constant. This takes a negative perspective on multi-party democracy accusing it of encouraging division among the people.

Offering a solution, the authors suggest a one-party system where the nation is the party, and its people make up its members, constituents, and elected leaders. They give emphasis to the power lying in the hands of the truth and the interests of the people. The authors feel that such an arrangement would help protect the cultural integrity and interests of its people.

In essence, 'Nationalism: To Us The Victory' presents an in-depth take on nationalism and its intersection with the state of current democracy. The writers express their dissatisfaction with the existing system and emphasize the necessity for changes aimed at promoting unity and cultural preservation. This material aims to prompt thought and discussion about the functioning of democracy in the context of nationalism.

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