CyberGrants is a pioneering platform in the corporate philanthropy sector, providing an array of solutions that streamline the philanthropic activities of organizations. The software is part of the Bonterra group, which includes notable entities such as EveryAction, Network for Good, Social Solutions, and GiveGab.

CyberGrants offers a wide variety of features aimed at optimizing grants management, employee giving, disaster relief, and volunteerism. Additionally, the software has robust disbursement capabilities designed to distribute funds efficiently and expedite the process of driving dollars to the causes an organization supports.

The platform features a proven workflow engine and a community of innovators passionate about corporate social responsibility (CSR), allowing organizations to efficiently serve the nonprofits they support and cater to their evolving needs. It is trusted by many well-respected, generous, and purpose-driven organizations, demonstrating its ability to deliver significant impact through its corporate philanthropy software.

Furthermore, CyberGrants is characterized by its unique giving ecosystem that unites volunteering, employee giving, and grant-making initiatives under one platform. This ecosystem encourages deeper engagement among employees, helping activate their passion for doing good. It also allows organizations to build stronger ties with nonprofits that share their purpose and can help deliver on this intent.

The platform offers a feature named 'FrontDoor', which reduces the administrative burden on supported Non-Profits, allowing them to concentrate more on their mission. Moreover, the cumulative impact of an organization's finely tuned giving is visible in the communities benefiting from these efforts.

In addition to their primary services, CyberGrants provides a multitude of resources such as blogs, webinars, virtual events, FAQs and podcasts. These additional features make CyberGrants a comprehensive suite for managing corporate philanthropy.

Overall, CyberGrants presents an effective solution for corporations seeking to streamline their philanthropic operations and maximize their social impact. Its unique ecosystem, driven by a community of passionate innovators, makes it particularly well-suited for corporate CSR efforts.