The Rockefeller Foundation is a philanthropic organization that actively works to improve humanity's well-being by developing and enhancing solutions to encourage opportunity expansion and tackle climate change. Proactive since 1913, the Rockefeller Foundation has collaborated with numerous partners to eliminate progress barriers and improve the lives of billions worldwide.

The foundation operates on a broad spectrum, delving into various sectors that contribute to sustainable and equitable global progress. They make commitments in areas like food, health, power and climate, economic equity, innovation, and innovative finance. These commitments aim to address significant global issues, from climate change to economic instability, and innovate solutions to enhance living conditions and increase opportunity access. Their universal and sustainable opportunity strategy is tackled in a multifaceted approach, targeting different areas interconnected with global progress, and consequently multiplying their impact.

The Rockefeller Foundation operates throughout the USA, Africa, and Asia, employing a wide-reaching geographic scope to address issues and instigate change on an international level. They depend on networks and partnerships to expand their reach and improve their operations' efficiency. Their significant collaborations include establishments like The Bellagio Center and the Global Energy Alliance, greatly enhancing the foundation's accumulated impact.

Moreover, the foundation also offers grants, an instrumental tool in supporting individuals, organizations, and projects synergizing with their mission. Their grants reflect their commitment to global progress, extending financial aid to areas that are perceived to be significant catalysts for change.

The Rockefeller Foundation also maintains a media presence across several networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Regular updates and a commitment to transparency ensure their stakeholders remain informed regarding their latest actions and initiatives. This approach helps publicize their mission, consequently attracting more potential partners, benefactors, and individuals who share the same vision.

In addition to their operations, their established research library is a repository for information, offering a wealth of knowledge for public access. Various categories contain research materials, including press releases, news, statements, speeches, reports, stories, features, impact stories, blog posts, and many more.

In conclusion, The Rockefeller Foundation demonstrates a proactive approach to driving global progress. By targeting a wide array of important areas like climate change, economic equity, innovation, and health, and using their platforms to support voices and projects aligned with their vision, the foundation continues to be a potent force in the push for a sustainable and equitable world.