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They say that the key to happiness is first gaining everything that you want, and then helping others gain what they want. Philanthropy is donating goods, services or money to causes with social benefit with no financial or material reward for doing so. When practicing philanthropy the philanthropist gives goods money or services to people or society to help increase their well being with no personal gain. This may sometimes seem strange to people, but often when people gain enough for themselves they begin to look to help others.

Many Philanthropy agencies list themselves on web directories to help philanthropists give their money to worthwhile causes, others however aim for a more personal touch, building homeless shelters, hospitals in Africa or similar and visiting the countries when at all possible.

There have been plenty of celebrity philanthropists, such as Bono, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, all of whom have donated large sums to charity in an attempt to make life better for others. The Bill Gates foundation even has the aim of removing the worlds top 20 deadly diseases, it may be a long shot, but I hope they make it, and with two of the worlds richest men trying they might just succeed!Being part of a philanthropy agency is something that gives you inner satisfaction, especially when you witnes the direct results of your actions. Usually the people that choose to become philanthropists are wealthy people that aim to help others, whether we are talking about those with health issues or the poor people from under-developed countries. Moreover, it is completely voluntary to be part of a philanthropy agency.

Some of the well-known philanthropy agencies claim to have gathered hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions, throughout time. Although it is obvious that the sole purpose of philanthropy agencies is to help others with their problems regardless of their nature, this topic has been debated for many years and controversies have arised regarding the true purposes of these particular agencies.

Non-profit organizations, philanthropists and people that work for charity houses are people good at heart that do not ask for anything from the ones that they help. Web directories that have a category of People and Society just like does usually list webpages of philanthropy agencies in order for the people that are looking for this to find them faster.

Philanthropy may often be considered a charitable cause, and indeed plenty of web directory sites contain information on philanthropists who have made significant donations to help the world. Some people however cannot help but wonder if these people are looking to help their own image rather than help others.

Some people achieve Philanthropy by creating helpful websites for others, asking for nothing in return. These people list their charitable websites in web directories in an aim to help as many people by giving out a free service. This can include anything from free legal advice to money saving tips.