Summum is an organization dedicated to exploring and teaching principles of creation, the systematic law of learning, and divine proportion. It aims to offer knowledge and insight about various aspects of life, science, mythology, and spirituality.

Among the diverse things that Summum offers, the first key aspect is its unique philosophy. The Summum philosophy encompasses principles of creation, learnings from antiquity, perspectives on the Ten Commandments, insights into the Kybalion, Gnostic Christianity, Freemasonry, and interpretations from Patanjali's teachings. These themes are disseminated through various books composed by Summum, ensuring a comprehensive exploration for readers.

Moving on from philosophy, Summum also places great emphasis on meditation. It offers simple meditation techniques as well as transcending meditations described as Nectar of the Gods. Meditation teachings are aimed at users of all experience levels. This allows both beginners and experienced meditators to gain from the program.

In addition to philosophical teachings and meditation, Summum introduces an unconventional aspect, which is modern mummification. They offer a holistic perspective on life after death via the process of mummification. The process includes a detailed explanation of the mummiform and references from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

One of the main features of their operation is the Summum Pyramid Sanctuary/Winery, which also serves as the hub for pyramid construction. Apart from being educational, this feature adds a unique aesthetic appeal.

Every Wednesday evening, Summum opens its doors to the public for classes held within the pyramid. However, given the limited seating space, reservations are required for those keen on attending.

The guiding principles of Summum are presented as the Seven Summum Aphorisms. These Aphorisms cover the principles of Psychokinesis, Correspondence, Vibration, Opposition, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender. Learners are encouraged to explore these aphorisms and apply them in their daily lives.

Furthermore, Summum.TV serves as a platform for individuals willing to embrace the Summum teachings in a digital format, reaching a wider audience by moving beyond the geographical limitations. In essence, Summum seems to focus on creating a comprehensive encounter with spirituality and the understanding of life from various perspectives. The diverse array of topics and interactive delivery methods aim to evoke interest and encourage learning among followers.