is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to the exploration, research, and discussion of ghostly phenomena. The site is perhaps most notable for its wide array of features, which range from detailed reports of ghostly encounters to informative videos and news articles that cover the latest developments in the field of paranormal investigations.

One of the major highlights of is its emphasis on personal encounters. The site provides an open forum where individuals can share their real-life experiences with the supernatural, thereby contributing to an ongoing dialogue about the nature and reality of ghostly phenomena. These personal accounts vary in nature, from eerie encounters at historical landmarks to poignant stories that blend human emotion with the supernatural, giving the site a degree of diversity that is rarely seen in similar platforms.

In addition to these firsthand accounts, also produces a series of podcasts under the title New England Legends. Hosted by noted paranormal investigator Jeff Belanger, each episode is an exploration of lesser-known legends and stories from the New England region, presented in an engaging and easily accessible format.

But the content doesn't end there. offers a variety of video content, as well. The '30 Odd Minutes' series offers viewers an in-depth look at investigations, personal stories, and theories. Through this visual content, site visitors are afforded an additional layer of understanding on the featured topics and discussions.

Beyond personal encounters and podcasts, the site also showcases paranormal news and events. These keep the users informed about the various happenings in the world of the paranormal, including conferences, meet-ups, lectures and much more. This section operates as a calendar for those eager to participate more actively in the world of ghost research.

Furthermore, the website maintains a set of guidelines for submissions, ensuring content is properly presented and authenticated. The team fosters a sense of community by encouraging visitors to report their encounters or share their theories, joining in the exchange of information and ideas in the exciting genre of the paranormal.

One potential area of improvement for might be to consider expanding its geographical scope. While the focus on New England adds a touch of regional charm, incorporating legends and encounters from wider horizons could potentially enrich the user experience and diversify the content further.

To sum up, represents an engaging and informative hub for those interested in ghosts and the unexplained. It uniquely blends personal accounts, in-depth podcasts, news, and events into a rich tapestry of paranormal research and discussion. Regardless of a visitor's level of interest or skepticism, offers a wealth of content that promises to incite curiosity and provoke thought.