Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama provides an extensive array of resources and links about Irish history, culture, and literature. It covers topics such as the story of the Irish race, the history of Ireland, and the archaeology of ancient Ireland. The website also features an Irish timeline and history, historical maps, and a chronology of Irish history. It provides access to Gaelic dictionaries, resources on the Gaelic language, and links to learn Irish Gaelic.

Additionally, the website curates Irish songs and offers links to various Irish publications like The Irish Times, Belfast Telegraph, Irish Regional Newspapers, Ireland of the Welcomes Books Ireland, and Irish America Magazine. For literature enthusiasts, the site offers resources on Irish writers online, a guide to Ireland's literature, and the study of Ireland's poetry. It includes resources on specific authors like Jonathan Swift, providing access to his biography, archive, and selected works including Gulliver's Travels, A Modest Proposal, and other notable texts.

It also spotlights other famous Irish authors like Bram Stoker, incorporating an overview of his biography and well-known works like Dracula. For individuals interested in early Irish lyric poetry, medieval Celtic manuscripts, and digital journal of Irish studies, they can find them carefully cataloged. The range of these resources aims to satisfy the needs of all readers, from casual enthusiasts to serious scholars.

Lastly, the site includes access to the Irish Writers' Centre and provides a bibliography of 19th-century Irish literature. It further highlights monumental Irish works like The Book of Kells and Carmina Gadelica. It also emphasizes on Irish electronic texts. All resources included in the website are largely accessible online and seem comprehensive enough to give a deep understanding of Irish history and literature.