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When people disappear it is always an unfortunate event, some run away, others are kidnapped. in either situation it can be a harrowing time for the friends and family of everyone involved.

Nearly one million children alone go missing each year in the UK and USA, to be more accurate that's one every five minutes in the UK and 2000 children a day in the United States. All in all 58,000 children in America are kidnapped by non family members, this is a staggering amount of children to go missing.

When children go missing it is particularly upsetting, however children are not the only ones. Adults often go missing, though rarely kidnapped in the western world it is a common occurrence in the southern America's. In the westernized world it does unfortunately tend to be Adults running away, be it from debt, unhappiness or abuse.

People looking for missing persons often feel lost, it is best however to contact the police as soon as possible to help find the missing person, whether they ran away or were kidnapped. Sometimes it proves impossible to find people who have run away, if they have a severe debt or were unhappy in a relationship then they will have undoubtedly gone to great lengths to cover their tracks. While unhappy relationships and abuse are the number one cause of missing persons, bad debt is a close second.When it comes to missing people and kidnapping especially, there is usually a ransom to be paid by family members or lovers in order for the missing person to get the permission for returning back home. Kidnapping and preventing somebody from enjoying liberty is a crime and it is punished according to the law, punishments are often harder to bear if missing people have been murdered or suffered injuries that lead to handicaps.

With the purpose of helping the police and the families of the missing people, banners and online sites were created in order to ease their search and the work of the police officers. It is a great initiative taken by good people who either want to help or they have lost somebody in the past and want to prevent this from happening to other people. Banners and posters with pictures can be very helpful when looking for missing people.

Jasminedirectory.com can help, whether you are looking for missing people or you just want to get more familiar with some of the most known cases of kidnapping. It is faster and easier to go for a web directory instead of browsing the Internet and sort out all the ballast information.

Missing people often re-appear in society after some time, especially when the reason they ran away was not because of legal reasons or debt. Usually it is when they feel safe again, but rarely do they get in touch with more than one or two family members. When they re-appear they tend to be different people, slightly out of touch with their friends and relatives.