Richard Stantiford MSc Personal Trainer Brighton offers professional, experienced, and affordable personal training services to the Brighton and Hove area. With a primary focus on 10-week body transformations, he also provides specialist personal training for cardiac rehabilitation. Clients interested in his services can make an immediate booking online or schedule a phone call.

Richard Stantiford MSc holds multiple qualifications, including MSc, ACSM C-EP, and BACPR. His 30+ years in the health and fitness industry have allowed him to develop a wealth of knowledge and skills in areas such as cardiac rehab, stroke rehabilitation, diabetes prevention, and weight management. His body transformation packages are designed to help individuals reach their prime physical condition.

Richard Stantiford is not just a typical personal trainer, he is the owner of The Lifestyle Physiologist and uses unique approach known as 'Lifestyle Medicine', focusing on behavior change, exercise, rehabilitation, managing stress and dietary improvements to help clients achieve their goals. He prioritizes overall lifestyle change over prescription drugs, reflecting a holistic view of health and fitness.

There is a provision for a free consultation to prospective clients where they can discuss their fitness goals, current health state, and how to best tailor an approach to meet their needs. Clients can easily book this consultation online.

His services have received high praise from clients, as reflected in the numerous positive reviews that can be found on his verified reviews page. This further corroborates his reputation as one of the leading personal trainers in Brighton, UK.

Verdict: Richard Stantiford MSc Personal Trainer offers a diverse range of fitness programs and strategies, focusing on 'Lifestyle Medicine' to ensure his clients achieve holistic health results. With a high degree of professional qualifications and an approach tailored to each individual's needs, he sets a high standard for personal training services in Brighton and Hove.

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The Lifestyle Physiologist
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