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There are many types of people and much more ways to feel and express themselves. In this category are welcomed websites related to: vegetarianism, nudism, swinging and more.


  • Enchanted Soul Boho Lifestyle
    Welcome to Enchanted Soul, where you will find all things mystical and magical in the heart of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Nestled on upper Spring St., our unique retail store offers an eclectic blend of women's boho clothing, mesmerizing crystals, metaphysical and spiritual products, captivating art, and stylish home goods.

  • Life coaching course
    Provides internationally recognised training with various personal development courses. Whether you want to become a coach, learn NLP, learn Body language or become a hypnotherapist. They are dedicated to the success of their clients and students.

  • Lifestyle
    The latest lifestyle news and features from, including the best from health, parenting, style, food, home and travel.

  • Alternative Medicine
    Alternative medicine may include raw ginger when one is suffering from a stomach ache or burdock root to cleanse the blood.

  • Amish
    Most Amish people and families choose to live a low impact lifestyle which includes no electrical devices, including television, computers as well as automobiles.

  • Burch Family Wines
    One of the largest western Australian family owned winery, internationally renound for house brands Howard Park, Madfish and Marchand & Burch.

  • Feng Shui
    Individuals that practice Feng Shui, believe that the direction that your furniture and other items of your home are facing, such as a bed that is placed right in front of a window, can either increase or decrease your stress level.

  • Nudism
    Offers an overview of people who choose to support or encourage nudity of the body in public or private places for the purposes of expressing freedom.

  • Nudist Friends
    Offers an environment for nudists and naturists from all over the world to Flirt, look for Friendships, Relationships, and Resources regarding their nudist lifestyle.

  • Nudist-Resorts.Org
    Discussion forum includes discussions about your preferred nude cruise, nude beach, naturism, nudist resorts, organizations, clubs, beaches, au naturel, topless sunbathing, naturist travel, family oriented resorts.

  • Reliableiptv
    Reliableiptv has been in the business over 20 years selling Free To Air satellite products.

  • Science Daily: The latest research on lifestyle choices
    Videos, photos and a section on written references provide extensive help with choosing a healthy path through life.

  • Shintoism
    Shintoism is practiced primarily in Japan and may be also practiced in various parts of the country by Japanese people or their descendants.

  • TanPages Naturist Directory
    A commercial website whose goal is to offer a directory of naturist oriented businesses and accessible services. Ads are made available to persons offering goods and facilities of interest to naturists, or products and services offered by trades owned and functioned by naturists.

  • The Lifestyle Physiologist
    I'm Richard Stantiford, owner of The Lifestyle Physiologist, and Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience. If you are looking for a highly qualified, experienced, and motivating Personal Trainer in Brighton to help you achieve your health, fitness, and weight loss goals then I am here to help.

  • The Love and Logic Institute, Inc.
    Delivers tools and techniques that aid adults achieve respectful, healthy interactions with their children.

  • The Naturist Journal
    Keen to publishing news from the media and additional that relates to naturist and nudist philosophies. A different section on the site is Ask Allison where readers can ask questions about the nudist/naturist way of life.

  • The Trixie Update
    This place is about human babies. These pages cover tons of statistics concerning the sleep patterns, feeding schedules and diaper habits of a newborn baby. Data-tracking process with a simple web app and displayed the outcomes on the site that all parents can use.

  • WIkipedia: Swinging
    Swinging is a choice that a couple may make to engage in sexual activities with other people outside the committed relationship.

  • Wikipedia: Taoism
    Involves exploring or studying the flow of nature in one's life.

  • You Can Homeschool
    Homeschooling practices from one household and an extended time support crowd leader are shared to aid new family's homeschool. Resources and concepts help parents study more about Homeschooling from plain scores through college.

  • Your Diamond Teacher
    Offers advice specifically aimed at saving as much money as possible while still getting a beautiful diamond.