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  • Feng Shui EP
    Individuals that practice Feng Shui, believe that the direction that your furniture and other items of your home are facing, such as a bed that is placed right in front of a window, can either increase or decrease your stress level.

  • Nudism EP
    Offers an overview of people who choose to support or encourage nudity of the body in public or private places for the purposes of expressing freedom.

  • Shintoism EP
    Shintoism is practiced primarily in Japan and may be also practiced in various parts of the country by Japanese people or their descendants.

  • WIkipedia: Swinging EP
    Swinging is a choice that a couple may make to engage in sexual activities with other people outside the committed relationship.

  • Wikipedia: Taoism EP
    Involves exploring or studying the flow of nature in one's life.

  • Your Diamond Teacher
    Offers advice specifically aimed at saving as much money as possible while still getting a beautiful diamond.

  • A-to-Z Home's Cool EP
    Support you home educate your children from preschool, kindergarten, up to and through high school. Homeschooling public and portal site containing chat, boards, events, articles, kids' sites, links to scholarship materials, backing groups, philosophies for teaching teens, and laws worldwide. Likewise comprises sample forms and transcripts.

  • Alarm Buzz
    FREE browser based online alarm clock service.

  • Alternative Medicine
    Alternative medicine may include raw ginger when one is suffering from a stomach ache or burdock root to cleanse the blood.

  • Amish
    Most Amish people and families choose to live a low impact lifestyle which includes no electrical devices, including television, computers as well as automobiles.

  • EP
    Refuting point of view usually used against polygamy. Presenting the unjustness of stereotyping polygamists as existence in cults, abusive, and other. Offering an occasion of truthful investigation for any intellectually frank seeker to define for themselves what is candid about anti-polygamy discerning and rhetoric.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Aphrodite Wedding Services
    Experts in Cyprus weddings across the island and for UK residents, if you would love a wedding abroad. Beautiful venues to choose from in Ayia Napa and Larnaca. If you fancy a hotel, civil, beach or church wedding, Aphrodite offer a range of affordable packages and extra services to make your Cyprus marriage a dream come true.

  • Australian Capital Territory Nudist Club EP
    A members' club with a variety of sporting facilities comprising tennis, badminton, a swimming pool and a few basic accommodation. Contains membership specifics and a forum. The club is associated with the Australian Naturist Federation and the International Naturist Federation, which offers entree to a range of clubs and resorts everywhere in Australia and worldwide.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Blackthorns Sun Club EP
    Delivers an overview of the Club and its facilities. A diverse programed of sports and social events organized through the year. Sports events combine the serious and the fun diversity, and Blackthorns participates in, and hosts, national and regional races.

  • Burch Family Wines
    One of the largest western Australian family owned winery, internationally renound for house brands Howard Park, Madfish and Marchand & Burch.

  • EP
    Directory of resources for the ordinary worldwide carfree undertaking, counting association contact directory, magazine, conference data, dialogue forum, publications, and links. A project of World Carfree Network. Purposes to aid as both a data source and a call to action, providing a complete range of content from straight action abilities to the newest study expansions.

  • Champagne Manoir EP
    Two cottages located on a small naturist area in the French region of Burgundy. Contains details of the properties, photo gallery and area info. Champagne Manoir is identified for its friendly atmosphere, peace and space. The numerous plants and trees provide the guests with intimate corners and adequately of shadow on a hot day, without blocking the view.

  • Cottage School Search Site EP
    A website that helps you discover other parents and homeschoolers in your region, share philosophies, form cottage schools. This service permits you to connect with others nearby you. If you are a educator or tutor, you may also register so schools and parents can discover you.

  • Dr. Leisure EP
    Provider of data on nude beaches and recreation on the internet using links to other info sites dealing with domestic nudism and naturism all over the globe. Dr. Leisure is dedicated to having the most complete information on apparel voluntary beaches and resorts on the internet.

  • Eco Villagers
    Includes ideas about living in very communal, low impact and low cost housing situation where every member of the household contributes to items that reduce using natural resources.

  • Fig Leaf Forum EP
    Fig Leaf Forum's newsletters embrace an variety of material covering thought-provoking and in-depth courses, proofs of faith, clarifications of interesting experiences, fiction, poetry, excerpts from books, magazines, newspapers, Web sites, e-mail lists and message boards, letters to the editor. A newsletter for Bible-believing Christian nudists.

  • Grow a Strong Family
    A charitable non-profit social service agency which provides customized family life education services to families uprooted by mental illnesses in loved ones.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices Online
    Subtitled, "Helping kids make the most out of life", this site focuses on providing resources for healthy lifestyle choices for kids, families and educators.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Homeschool Helper EP
    Place for input homeschool resources. Site devoted to homeschoolers who want to support each other. Invite you to contribute in this site by input any resources that you have written. Sharing concepts with each other planning homeschooling unit studies and lap books.

  • Homeschool World EP
    Home-based of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling publication and homeschooling community. Huge number of courses, news, online experts, up-to-date events list, crowds listed by state, competitions listing, forum, email newsletter, and links zone.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • Ingenious: Seeing Things Differently EP
    Find discussions, photos, and courses that generate insights into knowledge and culture. Deals the chance to mark image collections, web galleries, and e-cards, exemplified tutorial. Hundreds of open resources to copy and practice at home or college.

  • Joyful Aging
    This is a site for people over age 50, who seek resources for healthy lifestyle choices for seniors.

  • Lesproduweb Guide
    A product reviews site, buyers guides and informational website whose goal is to give detailed and well researched information to visitors.

  • Lifestyle
    This website highlights the work of lifestyle coach Vicki Richards Upchurch of Houston, Texas.

  • Nudist Friends EP
    Offers an environment for nudists and naturists from all over the world to Flirt, look for Friendships, Relationships, and Resources regarding their nudist lifestyle.

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