LGBT-Today, by any standard, is a premiere news website. Its author base is made up of accomplished journalists, writers and academics. Its strong informational and opinion focus covers this wide and diverse community. With links to other sites, blogs, and videos there is no shortage of intellectually stimulating content. The authors bring to the table a wealth of insight and up-to-date news.

As stated on its homepage it is: "The indispensable last word in LGBT news and views from your community, state, nation and all over the world!"

Adding credibility, authors like Raj Ayyar and Allison Wollbert maintain a clear and to the point writing style. A "multi-faceted gadfly," Ayyar has a "prodding" personality he uses as both a humanities professor and writer. Wollbert, from a small Arizona town, is an Air Force veteran and past Abilene Christian University student. A member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, she brings a unique perspective to her writing. Both have been long-time activists for the LGBT community.

Journalists Stephanie Donald and James T. Sears bring in consistency and professionalism for the site. Both have written extensively on LGBT issues and have advanced degrees. Donald is the site's editor, and she oversees the eleven other regular contributors creating a convergence of talents.

Easy to navigate, visitors can easily find overviews of current stories at the homepage. Archived articles can be retrieved in a few clicks. In both cases, introduction paragraphs lead with a link to the full content. Every page has a clear and clean format and clutter is minimized.

The obvious opinionated slant, however, does not burden the reader. Reasoned opinions are relevant to current events. Every article is unique while exploring new avenues of LGBT perspective.

Honoring the legacies of the late activist Jack Nichols and essayist Walt Whitman provides a moral base. With unambiguous writing, views and news integrate to truly create the "indispensable last word" for the LGBT community.