For gays and lesbians in the South Florida region, take a peek at the South Florida Gay News for all of the latest, local, national, and international, that applies to people from our point of view.

Be in the know about the latest court cases that give hope such as the ban on gay marriage in California being considered unconstitutional. On the flip side, recent news of legislation in Virginia will have gays around the nation up in arms. They have passed a rule against gay adoptions. Those are only a few clips of hot topics right now.

One of the greatest advantages of the site is how easy it is to navigate with the most essential current events posted on the home page. There is a place where fellow community members can feel involved by posting comments. Magazine of interest are on the home page as well as upcoming entertainment venues.

For those who prefer hard copy, they can get it in print as well. However, the online version has it all at your fingertips with business tips, an editorial section as a powerful forum to hear our voice, word from exciting columnists, and the opportunity to put in your own two cents as a guest columnist.

Hear the latest developments in HIV research, activities, and pressing news about testing opportunities. Testing kits for home are on the horizon, saving time and public humiliation for some individuals, while others are participating in a program, "Testing Together," where partners can walk in and be tested with their results revealed minutes later.

They no longer have to be alone in such a stressful situation and have each other to find strength.

These are only a few highlights of the site. You could spend hours touching on each area and the beauty of it is you never need to leave home and you don't have to pay for your issue. Browse an issue.