For all the latest and up to date information affecting the gay community, there is no other magazine like The Advocate and there is no other website like

For many years now, The Advocate has been a leading source of information that pertains to the gay community and the digital version of this magazine now makes it easy for anyone to get daily updates on the world wide web of issues important to gay people.

When I clicked onto, I was especially impressed with the easy to navigate layout of this website.

The top of the page includes areas like business, health, comedy and politics and with just one click, I could easily access hot topics that are of interest to me as a gay person. Besides having the option to click on certain areas of interest to me, the home page was welcoming, inviting and chock full of attention grabbing headlines that truly piqued my interest which in turn lead me to click onto these headlines in order to read the entire story.

I also enjoyed the option to see what the advocate staffers were tweeting on twitter and I enjoyed the area below that where I could read my Facebook friend's postings of gay related issues, just in case I missed these while I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed.

All in all, I have to say that is a brilliant website that easily allows me to navigate through a plethora of gay related subject matter that is of great interest to me as a gay person. I have always enjoyed The Advocate in its magazine version, but The Advocate's website allows me to have access to topics important to me on a daily basis.

I won't be giving up my subscription to The Advocate any time soon, but the digital version of my favorite magazine is the perfect way for me to get my daily dose of topics that affect both me and the gay community as a whole.