Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual web directory: 18 resources.

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  • Big Gay News
    Gay news related website. Because it provides many current gay news pieces, it is an asset to the gay community or for those that are interested in gay news around the world.

  • Discovery Vallarta EP
    The oldest online Puerto Vallarta gay travel resource, since 1998, specializing in beachfront condos and luxury villas for rent.

  • The Advocate
    Leading source of information that pertains to the gay community and the digital version of this magazine now makes it easy for anyone to get daily updates on the world wide web of issues important to gay people.

  • Activism - Fight Out Loud EP
    A website created for the purpose of empowering those of a different sexual orientation to fight against hate and discrimination. It includes action alerts, web based services, stories and experiences in regard to discrimination and more.

  • Ask Gay Men EP
    Site renowned for the experts which provide quality answers to gay men questions.

  • Curious Love EP
    A website aimed towards lesbians who want to get to know each other better. Includes private chat possibility as well as photo uploading.

  • Gay Birders Club EP
    A place where those of the same genre can organize different events together.

  • Gay Cities.com EP
    Website providing interesting guides to gay bars, hotels and restaurants worldwide. These includes real person reviews, photos and map location.

  • Gay City News
    Gay marriage news, world wide news and more. People can comment on the news articles.

  • Gay Star News
    Featuring word wide news, travel and business tips, as well as health issues.

  • Gay.com EP
    Website with global chat-room as well as paid profile viewing for premium members. Features news in various domain as well as entertainment and style articles.

  • Gaydar Radio
    Informative site for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and for anyone else that likes good music and wants to keep up to date on news affecting GLBT individuals.

  • Lesbian and Gay Foundation EP
    Contains general information targeted toward gay, lesbian, transsexual or travestite communities on health, groups, events and well being.

  • LGBT Today
    Links to other sites, blogs, and videos there is no shortage of intellectually stimulating content.

  • South Florida Gay News
    Featuring gays and lesbians in the South Florida region.

  • Straight Spouse Network EP
    Website aimed solely at bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgenders who want to meet their partner for a long-term relationship.

  • The Gay News Network Australia
    Australian-based site offers a fun and fresh look at topics affecting those in the GLBTI community.

  • WSMSH: Coming Out EP
    A guide for gay and bisexual men on how to overcome their fear and develop relationships with persons of the same genre.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Web Directory
Learn about gay people through reading LGBT blogs

When many average heterosexual people first learn that a loved one is gay, they just don't understand what it means or how to react. Rather than seeking to understand some may lash out, impose their own closed-minded stereotypes, or just ignore it due to confusion. It is important for parents of gay children to seek understanding after they have first learned the news. Some simple information and a commitment to understand the LGBT community through reading in their own words can immensely help the process.

First, "LGBT" is a common catch-all acronym to describe the multiple sexual orientations within the gay community. However, many straight people do not even know what the acronym stands for. Each letter stands for a different segment of the gay community. "L" is for lesbian (gay women), while "G" means gay men in the traditional sense of the word. "B" represents bisexuals, or those who are attracted to members of both the same and opposite sexes. Finally, "T" is for transgender. These are individuals who identify with the opposite of their biological sex. Some transgender individuals will even seek sex change procedures to physically change themselves and better reflect their personal identity.

It is also important for people grappling with the news of a gay child or other loved one to realize that while their immediately emotional response is important to sort through, they should also try to understand the emotions and struggles of their gay loved one. One effective way to do this is to read about the experiences of other gay people growing up and coming out. Gay news sites and gay blogs can be a very effective way to build this understanding.

There are many gay news sites, ranging from entertainment, gay-oriented consumer shopping, to social sites, and more. The type of news-like sites that might be most useful to read are those that provide young gay people a way to talk through their own coming out experiences. LGBT forums are great place to read and listen.

Gay blogs can also provide a very informative resource. With today's ease of publishing online, there are countless blogs from people all over the world discussing their personal journey to accept their own sexual orientation and the experience of sharing their deepest personal trait with those they care about. A simple Google search for gay "coming out" blogs will yield a multitude of deeply felt and superbly written blogs for you to explore.

Again, as a heterosexual, you are part of the dominant culture. It will be difficult for you to fully understand the feelings of your gay loved one without prior experience or learning. As you travel down the path of understanding, consider learning about what is important to gay people through their own words and online communities.

Importance of LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual) news websites

The world has become open with accepting same sex marriages and relationships. Some few states and communities might have issues with this but most of them have even legalized them. All gay, lesbian and bisexual people have been receiving a lot of discrimination and abuse and they have been fighting for their rights for a very long time. Finally, they have been heard and people are now treating them just as other human beings because they are humans still.

The lesbian, gay and bisexual people have had to use different platform to air their voice. They have used parades, social events, magazines and even the internet by creating blogs and websites that talk about their communities and what goes around with them.

The good thing with the LGBT news websites offer important information that other straight people or communities can learn more about this community. People can learn what it feels to be a lesbian or gay or bisexual from reading their blogs and seeing how they relate, how they socialize and even what they like or prefer. As you might realize, they are normal human beings but with different sexual preferences than most of other people or from what the society has always tried to instill on people.

The lesbian communities which is a community where women have other women as their sexual partners is a community that has just the same rights as any other person or community. Gay communities and bisexual communities as well should be treated with equal rights as other communities. The people who are against them do not give them a chance in the community based on their own judgments which is incorrect. In some states and countries, a gay, lesbian and even bisexual person can sue, access any public amenities and even have a voice or form an organization within the law. This is why the lesbian gay and bisexual websites are important to educate and inform about homosexuality.

Another use of these websites is that they are used to communicate to other gay and lesbian or bisexual people in the world. These communities are all around the world and to be able to communicate with one another, some have created websites where they announce any upcoming events that touch on them or communicate about anything that relates to them such as laws passed by certain governments or any cases of discrimination and abuse.

The internet is used by many people both the straight and homosexual for different reasons and whichever use the straight communities have of the internet; homosexuals can have the same without any discrimination. It is important for the communities to keep in touch with each other and educate each other on their rights and justice because there are some that do not know their rights.