Marketing for Holidays & Observances Websites

Different countries around the world have different holidays and observations for different reasons. Whether it is cross-continent Christmas or the solemn remembrance day in Britain to remember those who died in the Second World War there are occasions which are followed every year. These events are of huge significance to the followers of the Holiday or Observance and are often marked by a particular date of the year where people celebrate the event in their own way.

Holidays tend to be focused around two main areas, Religious Holidays or National Holidays. Religious holidays are taken on a date significant to the countries religion, like the Jewish Hanukkah or Christian Easter. These holidays often have rituals or observances to be followed, be it the giving of gifts or a religious reading. Religion is an integral part of many holidays and helped to form the

National holidays tend to follow events of a countries past, such as Independence Day in America, where the day is taken off and parties are held around the country to celebrate the freedom of their citizens. These celebrations do not follow a religious belief and have no rituals as such, there are however certain traditions that follow these occasions, such as large events (Sporting or celebration) Fireworks or military parades and Official speeches. Along with the national and Religious Holidays, holiday can also mean a period when people are relaxing and forget about work or the daily routine. Going on a holiday is vital for those who work under stress conditions, because this is a great opportunity to release stress and come back to work fresh and ready to rock. Whether you go to the seaside or you just prefer the mountain, the most important thing when you are on holiday is to remember that your sole purpose is to relax and enjoy your days off.

On the other hand, observances are rituals and ceremonies that are held with a purpose. For instance, there are the Sabbath observances. Sabbath can also be a holiday when we reffer to it as the annual secular holiday. As well as this, Health Observances can be the days or months when people are reminded about the importance of health in their lives.

Web directories usually have a category dedicated to people and society, and so does Here you can find out more about the ceremonies, observances and holidays that people use to celebrate during the year, as well as traditions and customs from different countries or parts of the world.

National holidays often incorporate observances in celebration or memory of the event. This is generally in the form of an official function to commemorate the event. Many of these official functions can be found on websites listed in our web directory.

Observances come in many forms, from a country wide minute silence to a regal speech with military accompaniment you can find annual observances which can be quite and thoughtful to loud and celebratory. Many religious holidays are classed as observances since they are not a celebration, but more a period for thoughtful contemplation and fast. The religious observances are usually attended by millions of people and encompass events such as the Jewish Ramadan and the Hindu, Sikh and Jains observance of Diwali.


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