Reportret is a unique gallery dedicated to the reconstruction of portraits that take a trip back in time. The creators' main purpose is to provide a clear picture of certain historical figures, for whom a contemporary image may not be readily available. As such, Reportret presents a collection of reimagined portraits that are devoid of anachronisms, respectful of the style of the times they depict, and grounded in historical sources.

The gallery further distinguishes itself by its commitment to accuracy and authenticity. It eschews non-contemporary portraits often used in publications to illustrate historical figures, acknowledging that this practice can result in images that do not accurately reflect the personages or the times they lived in. Instead, Reportret endeavours to recreate portraits based on an understanding of the historical period, and using available historical records as a guide.

Reportret's website offers an engaging user experience, including a home introduction, a description of its aim and setup, information about the author, a detailed log, and a section on forgeries. It also provides a map and links to various resources. Visitors can navigate directly to the gallery page to view the collection, or spend time exploring the site to learn more about the gallery's unique focus and approach.

The website is multilingual, with content available in both Dutch and German, in addition to English. The translator, whose native language is Dutch, invites website visitors to report any spelling, grammatical, or usage errors. This appeal for assistance in improving the translation adds a personal touch and shows a commitment to maintaining high-quality content.

The gallery is the brainchild of Marco Bakker, who holds the copyright for all material on the website from 2003 to 2017. His contact information is listed on the page, providing a direct line of communication for visitors who may want to learn more about the artwork or offer feedback.

Verdict: Reportret is a unique digital gallery committed to recreating and presenting historically accurate portraits of personages from world history, while fostering a close connection with its visitors by making the content accessible in multiple languages and inviting feedback on the translations. It's a valuable resource for history enthusiasts and art appreciators alike.