Even though 1 in every 2 households in the United States owns a domestic animal, the cruelty rate against these pets is alarmingly increasing every year. Out of all the animals dogs and cats are the leading species on the list of most commonly abused animals. This explains the need for an organization such as ASPCA which actively fights against similar situations and try to protect the souls that are not capable of sharing their stories.

What is ASPCA more exactly?

All the information regarding this organization can be found on their website in the "About Us " section. The page was designed in such way that everyone can easily access it and no one should have troubles finding the information they are interested in. It represents one of the oldest organizations that militates against animal cruelty as it was founded in 1866 by Henry Bergh. They are non profit organization that is supported by almost 2 million volunteers all around the globe.

What are the main issues?

On their website, the organization presents two major issues regarding animal abuse. One of them is represented by animal homelessness and for this, they prepare a full page which contains statistical information and also possibilities to remediate the problem. The other issue is animal cruelty which is highly discussed by ASPCA as it is considered that every 60 seconds, at least one animal, is abused. The statistics offered on their website shows the viewers how serious the problem really is.

Get involved today, Adopt !

One of the best way to help support their goals is by adopting a pet which is available in the ASPCA database or any other shelters. On their website, they designed a special page entitled " Adopt" which offers the viewers access to thousands of pets which are ready to be taken home.

The readers can use this page to find a local shelter and also to get access to a database of all the available pets including their story and their pictures. By offering all these information online they hope to be able to convince more people to adopt. The page " Happy Tails" also presents successful adoption stories written by the new owners and it is a clear evidence that if people decide to get involved things can get better.

What is the ASPCA Pro section?

This represents a special service they offer to everyone that wants to get involved directly and help save more animals. For this, they offer online training and access to a variety of researchers and resources. Readers can choose to subscribe to this section in order to get weekly updates regarding what is new in regard to this subject. This page also gives all the required details about upcoming conferences and events and also about online courses. More than this thee ASPCA Spay gives externships changes to students and consultations and training for surgical teams. By doing this they hope to be able to increase the quality of veterinary services around the world.