World Vision UK is an international children's charity involved in helping children in nearly 100 countries, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia. The organization focuses on providing assistance to children living in extreme poverty, those caught in emergencies, and individuals facing abuse and exploitation.

To raise funds, World Vision UK has various initiatives and ways through which people can contribute. For instance, individuals can donate or sponsor a child. One remarkable approach is the Be Chosen By a Child initiative that allows a child to choose their sponsor. This is a unique twist to the traditional child-sponsorship model, providing a sense of agency and empowerment to the child. They also encourage charitable giving through the purchase of gifts such as a goat, which can provide a sustainable source of nutrition for a family in need.

World Vision UK also encourages people to get involved in various other ways apart from monetary donations. Individuals can participate in fundraising, campaigning, volunteering, and even supporting the organization through their church, business, or foundation. They also have an innovative $2 a day challenge where participants are encouraged to live on $2 a day for five days, to raise awareness and contribute towards ending child poverty.

In terms of transparency, the organization offers detailed information about how donations are used. They also provide news and stories to keep donors and the public informed about their activities, initiatives, and the impact of their work.

In a bid to provide further support, World Vision UK offers a unique service of free will writing, which can be completed online or over the phone in under 30 minutes. This initiative not only aids individuals in need of this service but further promotes the culture of legacy giving within the organization's supporter base.

Overall, World Vision UK is actively involved in protecting vulnerable children and pursues multiple avenues to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Their inclusive approach allows several ways for individuals and institutions to contribute and support their mission, demonstrating an openness to varied forms of engagement and philanthropy.

Business address

World Vision UK
Opal Drive, Fox Milne,
Milton Keynes,
MK15 0ZR
United Kingdom

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Phone: 441908841000