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One of the biggest defining aspects of a civilizations culture in the past has been religion, it has shaped the world for Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. Both the beauty and violence seen in many religious conflict zones has been created because of it's religious culture. The culture formed by religion often gives us the stereotype of that nation, the Americans Sunday church to the Muslim Hijab. This basic cultural trend however gives us a deep insight in to the cultural differences of the nation, and shows us how to act accordingly.

As a citizen, you must know that the term of crime does not strictly refer to the act of murder, but also to a series of events that are against the laws and therefore are considered illegal. As a following of breaking the law, the individual who is responsible for this will be charged according to the gravity of his crimes. Society needs competent, civilized people and this is why every crime is punished, although rules may vary from country to country.

Punishments also vary from a written statement or paying a sum of money to jail. People have been committing crimes for a very long time, and this is why it is so important for the society to have laws and punishments in order to prevent other crimes from happening in the future. Some of the hystorical evidence show that the Romans were among the first people to apply punishments against people who committed crimes.

To sum up, if you are looking for information related to people who have committed crimes in the past or you just want to find out more regarding the punishments applied for every crime, is the right place to be. Here you can find links to websites which provide you all that you need to know.

When you travel the world you can find an infinite variety of cultures, where people not only look and act differently, but think differently too. Many travelers bask in these different cultures and enjoy learning about how people live in different ways. many of these travelers note down their adventures on websites which they submit to our web Directory.