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  • Crime and Punishment EP
    Website providing the latest news and reports in regard to crime events and scenes from US and all over the world. Interesting headlines to follow daily plus links, essays, statistics and other detailed information in regard to certain matters.

  • America's Most Wanted EP
    The official website of John Walsh's television show which demands viewers' help for chasing down top serial killers or thieves. It includes cases of missing persons (children and women included), info on featured fugitives as well as basic explanation of human rights granted by constitution.

  • Around the Clock Bail Bonds
    A bail bonds company serving Austin and Travis County, TX.

  • Around the Clock Bail Bonds
    A bail bonds company providing services to Georgetown and Williamson County. They provide 24 hour jail release, quick and affordable bail bond services for defendants.

  • Bail Bonds Now
    A bail bond company in Florida. The company is available to assist you in receiving a bail bond 24/7.

  • CIS: Connecticut Investigative Services
    Police detectives applying their skills as investigators for the benefit of corporate entities and individual citizens. CIS combine both law enforcement and private sector investigative knowledge resolve their cases.

  • Crime and Punishment in Sport
    Contains detailed and informative accounts regarding involvement in sports issues including personal conduct violation on the part of players as well as the possibility of impending criminal charges.

  • Crime Library
    Operated by Turner Entertainment Digital, this site affords viewers a glimpse into actual crimes of various categories.

  • Crime Prevention for Business EP
    Speculative and real-world methodology on low-rate or no-rate procedures of protection structures, corporate firm and institution protection. With debates on case revisions and probable causes.

  • Crime Reports
    Contains information regarding a mobile app providing access to the national sex offender registry.

  • Criminal Records
    Provides a free criminal records check on anyone you know. Their database contains over 1 billion free criminal records.

  • Daily News Website Exposing the Biggest Scumbags
    When people do bad things, they need to be exposed. is your daily dose of the bad things people do.

  • Every Block Chicago
    Contains criminal activity reports generated by the Chicago Police Department. Data is compiled by neighborhood, case number and type of crime.

  • FBI: Uniform Crime Reports
    Access is available for yearly reports stemming from statistical data supplied by 17,000 nationwide law enforcement entities.

  • IMBd: Genre: Crime
    Contains brief synopses of crime movies and viewer ratings.

  • Kostopoulos Law Group
    Chicago criminal lawyer Gus Kostpoulos is a former prosecutor with over 18 years experience. He handles all criminal matters including drug crimes, DUI, domestic violence, theft crimes, sex crimes, and more. Call for a free consultation.

  • Law Office of Vikas Bajaj, APC
    San Diego criminal defense attorney Vikas Bajaj has over 16 years experience successfully representing those accused of a crime. He handles all criminal defense matters including domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, sex crimes, theft crimes, and violent crimes. Call for a free consultation.

  • Legal News
    The main area of this website contains accounts of current news stories ei., the latest information surrounding the Coach Jerry Sandusky sentencing and other crimes of national interest.

  • National Crime Prevention Council
    Funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, this site provides access to educational program ideas with assistance provided by McGruff The Crime Dog.

  • Ozols Law Firm
    Alex Ozols is a highly awarded Criminal Attorney including The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Super Lawyers 2015. Also featured on all major news channels including ABC, CBS, and NBC.

  • Police Department Media Releases
    At this particular site pictures and information are given regarding criminals currently in custody and those at large who are currently being sought by the police department in connection with cases currently under ongoing investigation status.

  • Self-Defense Zone EP
    Group that deals with individual safety starting from crime, wrong-doing and abuses, through trustworthy dialogue on fighting arts, self-defense and weaponries. Has forums, resources directory and online chats.

  • True Crime - Victims EP
    Delivers material and articles on problems, subjects, and studies relating to illegal practices and discriminations. Likewise has debates in civil and criminal circumstances.

  • Victim Assistance Online EP
    Data, studies and networking means for victim support with experts, specialists in linked fields and all involved in the ground of victimology.

  • Victims of Violence EP
    Devoted to the avoidance of crimes against youngsters and teaching kids on individual safety matters. Including a wide diversity of youth safety and scholastic resources.

One of the biggest defining aspects of a civilizations culture in the past has been religion, it has shaped the world for Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. Both the beauty and violence seen in many religious conflict zones has been created because of it's religious culture. The culture formed by religion often gives us the stereotype of that nation, the Americans Sunday church to the Muslim Hijab. This basic cultural trend however gives us a deep insight in to the cultural differences of the nation, and shows us how to act accordingly.

As a citizen, you must know that the term of crime does not strictly refer to the act of murder, but also to a series of events that are against the laws and therefore are considered illegal. As a following of breaking the law, the individual who is responsible for this will be charged according to the gravity of his crimes. Society needs competent, civilized people and this is why every crime is punished, although rules may vary from country to country.

Punishments also vary from a written statement or paying a sum of money to jail. People have been committing crimes for a very long time, and this is why it is so important for the society to have laws and punishments in order to prevent other crimes from happening in the future. Some of the hystorical evidence show that the Romans were among the first people to apply punishments against people who committed crimes.

To sum up, if you are looking for information related to people who have committed crimes in the past or you just want to find out more regarding the punishments applied for every crime, is the right place to be. Here you can find links to websites which provide you all that you need to know.

When you travel the world you can find an infinite variety of cultures, where people not only look and act differently, but think differently too. Many travelers bask in these different cultures and enjoy learning about how people live in different ways. many of these travelers note down their adventures on websites which they submit to our web Directory.