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Writing & Editing are similar, but different areas of expertise. They are important to the category of Shopping and E-commerce because without writing and editing, no one would have a website to show off their excellent products or services. With a good web directory, it is possible to find the right products and services that will provide writing and editing services. Custom Writing Service

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Writing encompasses both people and things. Writers are people who are skilled in laying down thoughts in an organized manner, in a particular language. There are writers who write for people and writers who compose for machine readers, as in computer programming. In general, when a person thinks of a writer, they are thinking of a person with a pencil, pen, typewriter, or computer, who can process information, and recompose the information into an understandable output, either on paper or in digital format.

Editors usually work on the writer's work after it is submitted. These are people skilled in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and they have broad amounts of varied knowledge that they can draw from in order to oversee and make corrections, deletions, and additions to the writer's work. When one thinks of an editor, a picture of a hard working magazine or newspaper editor pouring over copy may come to mind, like in a painting by Norman Rockwell.

For some of us, writing can be a weekend hobby or simply a leisure activity, while for others this is what they do for living. Throughout time, hundreds of thousands of books were published and millions of people were fascinated by the writing skills of the great novelists. However, editing a book before publishing it is essential for the impact the book will have on the readers - if it will be a bestseller or not - but also on the image of the writer, which matters the most.

For thousands of years, writing was one of the most important methods of communication among people. Nowadays, important treasures such as The Dead Sea Scrolls are priceless when it comes to discovering our predecessors as well as their writing techniques. One thing is for sure: writing significantly helped humanity in its development, and if the writing wasn't discovered in the past, then we would now communicate with great difficulty. When talking about editing, the job of a book editor is not only to arrange and compress the work of the writer in such a way that the readers will be able to enjoy it at its fullest, but also to take care of the book covers and the images that may appear among its pages. Therefore, there is a strong connection between the writer and the editor, the editor being the one who continues the other one`s work. Further detailed information can be found on websites which deal with publishing and editing books, and web directories aim to help the web surfers and facilitate their job of finding relevant information.


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The area of writing and editing will also include those instruments that make communication possible, and career options. This would include temporary agencies, writing services, and advertising agencies along with simple things like pen, pencil, paper, and computers. There are many things that fall under a category of Writing & Editing. A quick web directory search can result in finding the right websites among millions for the writing or editing services and products that are wanted.